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Who should use Studio252.tv?
Studio252.tv is designed for families with elementary-aged kids. While the main side of the site is great for families to explore together, kids will enjoy each creating their own profiles in their individual accounts. The Parents page is a one-stop shop to help elementary parents do family better.
Why do I need a kid and a parent ID?
The Parent ID gives your family access to the Parents site. On the Account page on the Parents site, you can create IDs for each kid. The kid IDs allow each child to create their own avatar, answer challenge questions, and earn badges.
I used to need a code to access Studio252.tv. Do I still need a code?
Nope. We wanted to make Studio 252 simple for families to access. And easy to share with friends. So no code is needed.
How do I add children to my family’s account?
Log into the Account page on Studio252.tv/parents. Click the “Add Child Account” button and create a username and password. Once submitted, your child will be able to log into the kids side and create their own avatar.
How do I use all the monthly content on the Parents page?
Each of the downloads is associated with a particular time of day when parents and kids tend to be together. The download is designed to give parents a way to capture the time they already have with their kids. So each week, choose one time that you’ll be together, maybe you have errands to run so you’ll be in the car, or practices are cancelled so you’ll get to have dinner together, and download the tool that goes with that time for that week.
What's the deal with the monthly topic?
The monthly topics on this site line up with the monthly Life App in 252 Basics church curriculum. Every life app is a reflection of what God is doing in you to change the world around you. So learning life apps is one way of discovering who God has created us to be. And using this site is a great way to reinforce these truths at home.
Will this site help teach my kid the Bible?
Absolutely! All of our teachings are based on principles found in the Bible. We focus on life app that Jesus taught because we believe it helps us not just learn the stories found in the Bible but actually learn how to live out our faith in everyday situations.
What else is available for families?
The ParentCUE App, available for iOS and Android, offers parents on-the-go cues to remind them to connect with their kids daily. Search Parent Cue in iTunes or the Android Marketplace to download the app. Also, the CUE Box is a monthly subscription box filled with fun for the family.
How can I get a physical CUE Box?
Please visit the Orange Store (https://secure.rethinkgroup.org/store4/home.php?cat=43) to purchase more Parent and Family resources.
If I’m a church leader, how can I encourage families to use Studio252.tv?
Download the Promotional Materials on Studio252.tv/leaders. There, you’ll find several multi-media resources you can use at your church. Host a launch event, show a video, send an e-mail, you’ll find what you need in that folder.