There are lots of great resources for your Parent CUE strategy for parents of elementary-age kids. They can be delivered three different ways: virtually through, on the go through the Parent CUE app, and physically through CUE Box.

Virtual HOME Resources

Every year you purchase curriculum that helps you make the most out of the 40 hours that you have with the children in your ministry. But what if you could provide companion curriculum for your parents that would help them make the most of the 3,000 hours that they have? Now you can! offers families tools to use to capture the time they have together.

Examples of how churches around the country are using virtual HOME resources:

  • Talk about the site at your fall kick-off
  • Send an email announcement to church members or community
  • Promote the site on your church’s web site

Benefits of using virtual HOME resources: every family with wifi and a browser can use it at no cost

Mobile HOME Resources

The Parent CUE App provides simple cues throughout the week that remind parents to pause and make the most of everyday moments. Parents will receive prompts for videos, activities, discussion questions, and more. These prompts are categorized into DriveTime, MealTime, BedTime and HangTime. There’s even a special ParentTime that’s filled with parent blogs, podcasts and more. To make the most of the Parent CUE App, leave the push notifications on, and parents will get daily prompts reminding them to connect with their child. Examples of how churches around the country are using mobile HOME resources:

  • Gifting the app to parents in their ministry
  • Promoting it in adult services
  • Referencing the app in Family Experiences

Benefits for selecting mobile HOME resources: The Parent CUE app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad, allowing many parents to keep the HOME resources with them even on the go.

Purchase the Parent CUE App at either the Android Marketplace or iTunes.

Printed HOME Resources

CUE Boxes

CUE Box is a physical 6in x 6in box that we will ship to you or your families. It acts as a monthly resource to CUE parents and kids to know how and when to connect. The box contains one DVD, an 11x16-inch poster with a bedtime story on the back, four collectable story cards and one mystery widget. Inside each CUE Box is a code card that will give the family one month of access to

Design A CUE XP

If you love the idea of a CUE Box, but you are looking for a way to really customize what you send home to families, you will love Design A CUE XP. DACXP gives you an affordable way to give each child a “take-home” that will synchronize perfectly with your message. Simply select whether you want to receive posters, collector cards, DVDs, widgets, and song cards and we will ship them directly to you each month.

Examples of how churches around the country are using printed HOME resources:

  • Pass them out after Large Group or Family Experience
  • Package them along with your own church material as a monthly take-home for families.
  • Package them as an annual take-home for families or as a new member kit to help your families know more about your strategy.

Benefits for selecting printed HOME resources: CUE Box is a fun resource that kid will get excited about. DACXP it’s a great way for you to get bulk discounts for high quality products that you can incorporate into your environments anytime and in any way.

To purchase, log into your account by clicking here and click on the “Purchase Material Enhancement Products” button.