Fun2Do - outing

  • Responsibility

    You can take responsibility for helping with grocery shopping this week, and you can make it fun! Have the adult in your home help you make a shopping list, check the fridge and pantry. What do you see you need? Maybe even plan a meal you’d like to help make and get all the ingredients for that meal. Once you have your shopping list have an adult go with you to the store. Help find what you need, remember to check out the prices and find the one that costs the least. Even help put things on the conveyor belt at check out. If you’re old enough, ask if you can help bag. Once home, help put everything away. You will learn how much responsibility it is to be in charge of the food in your home and how much work your parents do to just have food in the house. Remember to thank them for doing this every single week!

  • Christmas

    Isn’t everyone’s favorite part of Christmas all the presents? Receiving is fun, however true joy is found in giving. Find a local organization that is giving back this holiday season. Many churches sponsor children and families this time of year, your local police or fire-station also have toy drives or child sponsorship opportunities. For your family outing this month choose an organization and sponsor a child or family, then go out and purchase gifts and create boxes of joy. Encourage everyone to bring their own money to help contribute to the gifts. No amount is too small when you are using it to help someone.

    Have everyone pick out something for your box of joy. Think about how excited and how much joy you will be giving to someone else this Christmas. Once you have filled your Joy Box, be sure to deliver it to the organizations drop of location. Talk about how it felt to give back, with no expectation of receiving something. Be sure to remember the joy you felt when you gave as you celebrate this Christmas holiday.

  • Gratitude

    There are so many people in our lives, family members, neighbors, teachers, and friends. These people have helped us in our day to day lives and it’s time to honor them for all they do for you. As a family make a list of people who you’d like to honor. Then come up with a plan to do something for those people. You could bake cookies and deliver them, you can make cards and mail them to each person, deliver a meal, or spend time with those you want to honor. All you have to do is think of acts of service you can do as a family for those on your “Honor Roll”. You can do anything, big or small, just be sure to do it as a family. Making honoring others a family tradition is a great way to start off the holiday season.

  • Integrity

    Scavenger Hunts are a lot of fun. You need critical thinking skills, a sense of adventure and courage. This month take your family on an adventure Geocaching. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location. You can download the Geocaching app and be given clues to caches near you. Have fun together figuring out the clues and finding “treasure”.

  • Friendship

    Friends are fun! This month invite a family with kids that are a similar ages as the kids in your family to have a movie night, either at your place or theirs. Pick a movie about great friendships like: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Sandlot, Goonies, Finding Nemo, Reck It Ralph, Walle, Lilo & Stitch or whatever family movie you’d like to watch about friends. Pop popcorn, bake some cookies together and watch a movie. Enjoy time with your friends.

  • Creativity

    Get the whole family together and get in the car. Today’s adventure will be decided in a creative way, with a coin toss. Let everyone take turns flipping a coin to make all your decisions for the day, like which way to pull out of your driveway and whether to stop at the next restaurant. When it’s your turn to flip the coin, come up with two options like; right or left, freeway or streets, beach or mountains, ice cream or slurpees, get lunch at a restaurant or drive through. Have fun creating your own adventure as a family.

  • Faith - July

    God has showed us His power and grace in many ways. Ask your parents to take you someplace God has stretched or grown their faith. Maybe it’s to the church they grew up in, or maybe its on a mountain top of by the ocean. Learning about others faith and how God has worked in their life helps you see Him in your faith story. Ask your parents questions about their faith and why this “place” is so special to them. Enjoy time as a family in the place that helped your families faith.

  • Faith

    God has blessed us so much, lets show our faith in Him by blessing others. Pick a local charity to serve at this weekend. Suggestions: pack boxes for service men, make face masks for first responders, help at a soup kitchen, organize a local food pantry, volunteer at church, pick up trash at a park/beach, visit people in a retirement home, make cards for your local children’s hospital, collect clothes and deliver them to a women’s shelter, find a foster care group celebrating foster youths birthdays.

    Whatever you do, do it as a family. Show your faith through actions, giving back what God has given you.

  • Determination

    It’s spring time and every home has a list of thing that need to be finished around the house. Get that list out and work on it together. Clean the gutters, paint the fence, clean out the hall closet, organize the pantry… if you work together you will accomplish a lot! Take pride in a job well done once you’ve finished the list. Reward everyone with ice cream sundaes.

  • Humility

    It’s spring and it seems like everyone wants new clothes, and be on trend. However do we really need new clothes. Let’s put other people’s needs before our wants. As a family go through your closets and pull out close that no longer fit and things you haven’t worn in a long time. Together donate the clothes to a foster care closet, women’s home, or other organization. If you can, while you’re out get several gift cards to donate as well. Bless those who are in need by putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

  • Forgiveness

    So much of where we live is build up and we lost a lot of God’s creation. Our cities are covered in parking lots, buildings and roads. We as humans have hurt our planet, we may not be able to “fix” our planet, but we can take steps to make it a better place. This month as a family go to your local garden nursery and pick out a tree or plant to plant and grow where you live. Make sure everyone gets their hands dirty and be a part of planting your tree. Enjoy watching your tree grow year after year, knowing you are being a part of making our planet a better place.

  • Love

    This fun family outing will spread love in your community and bless others as well as your family. As a family sit down and write encouraging messages on small slips of paper. Things like, “You’re Smart”, “You are loved”, “You are special”, “Have the best day ever”, “You can do it!”, “Today is the day.”..etc. Then get a party pack helium tank and balloons from your local party store. Place your notes of love inside each balloon and fill with helium, then tie a string to the end and write, “Sharing Love” on each balloon. Head to a park or community gathering place and hand out balloons to people. Watch as you brighten others day and spread some love around your community.

  • Knowledge

    Take a day to learn more about your family. Sometimes we get so busy without day to day lives that we forget about our history. Spend a day learning about your family. If you live close to older family members take a drive to their house. Ask to look at old photo albums, hear family stories, and bring a tape recorder so you can record all the family knowledge you are learning. You could even go to your local library and put your last name into the newspaper archives and see what comes up. You can also drive by homes your family used to live in or see the schools your parents went to. Enjoy your time together learning about your family’s history.

  • Self Control

    Spend an afternoon getting to know your city and learn self-control along the way. Find a list online for a Town Scavenger Hunt or use the list we provide at the bottom of this post. Now pick something fun to do at the end of the scavenger hunt. Maybe go see a new movie, go to dinner at your favorite restaurant, get frozen yogurt or ice cream. Whatever you choose, you HAVE to finish the whole scavenger hunt before going. This could be harder for some, but remind everyone that good things come to those who wait. Have fun driving around town finding everything and then reward everyone with your planned family treat. Talk about how waiting can be hard, and getting everything done is work. But there are rewards when we do what we are supposed to do.

    Your Town Scavenger Hunt


    Tall building (more the 3 stories)

    Lake or pond


    Green Car


    Orange Truck

    Stop sign

    Camper or RV




    Store with electric doors

    Person in a cowboy hat


    School Bus


    Person on a cell phone

    Pizza Parlor

    Tire Swing


    Police Car

  • Joy

    As a family choose a child from a local Giving Tree, Angel Tree or Project Christmas Child. Have everyone pitch in money to buy Christmas gifts for this under-resourced child. Head out to the store and make a day out of it. Let everyone personally choose something, when you get home make Christmas cards, write notes of love and encouragement and then wrap the gift in the most beautiful way possible. Talk about how it is always better to give, then receive. And come up with other ways you as a family can show compassion for others this Christmas season.

  • Honor

    It’s time to honor someone you know and love. As a family sit down and think of someone you’re entire family values, then think of a way to honor them. Make a meal together and deliver it, bake cookies or a cake, bring flowers to their work or mow their lawn. Whatever you pick do it as a family, make cards telling them how much you appreciate them and deliver them with the act of service. Taking time as a family to honor someone in your life that has made a difference for your family will bring your family closer, maybe make this a monthly practice in your home to honor someone you love!

  • Courage

    Find a family friendly Escape Room to go to as a family. Work together as a family to figure out riddles and solve puzzles together. Afterward talk about what was hard, what was everyone’s favorite part, and how everyone had courage to work together to get out of the Escape Room.

  • Trust

    It’s finally Football Season! Time to grab the football and get out into the autumn air and play some family touch football. The rules are simple, and if it’s your first time, your family will pick up the game fast. Break up into two teams, no more than 5 players on each team, not less than 3 plays on a team. If you don’t have enough people, invite your neighbors to join in on the fun. Decide who the quarterback is and start playing. After the quarterback says hike, he/she has the option of passing the ball or handing it off to the running back. The player with the ball is considered “tackled” when he is touched with two hands by a defender. If a defender touches him with only one hand, the runner is still not considered down. Choose an amount of time to play and the team with the most points at the buzzer wins.


    • A touchdown is worth SIX points, and is scored when a team crosses the opposition’s goal line with the ball, or catches or collects the ball in the end zone.

    • A Field goal is worth THREE points. Field goals are usually attempted on fourth down if the kicker is close enough to the end zone to kick the ball through the posts.

    An extra point is earned by kicking the ball through the uprights after a touchdown. The team can go for two points by taking the ball into the end zone again.

  • Obedience

    When was the last time you went to the park/beach and flew a kite? You’ll need to work together and trust one another to get a kite off the ground. Find the kite you have stored in the shed, build your own or grab one from the dollar store. Pack a lunch and head to your local park to enjoy time together as you reach new heights as a family. Work together and trust each other as you wait for the wind to be just right. Listen to everyone’s ideas, let everyone have a chance to be “in charge”, remember to be encouraging when it’s someone else turn to hold the string. Try to have everyone get a chance to succeed at getting the kite to fly.

    Be sure to talk about what worked and what didn’t, what was everyone’s favorite role in flying the kite, and what it was like to trust each other and work as a team.

  • Life App - July

    It’s summer!! Time to dust off your tents and sleeping bags and go camping as a family. Book a local camp site and get outdoors as a family. Listen to the crickets and watch the fire flies. Not able to get a reservation, if you have a backyard, you can still go camping as a family?! Pitch a tent in the yard, pull out the sleeping bags, light a fire in the fire pit and sit around and tell fun stories. If you don’t have a yard, no problem! Clear out the living room and camp right there. Build a tent out of sheets, pile on the pillows and have family time all night. There is no excuse to not change things up and go camping. Either in the great outdoors, your back yard or your living rooms. It’s about being all together and creating a memory.

  • Life App

    School is out and the family is all home. It’s time to get outside. Let’s plant a garden. Head to your local garden center and pick out some of your favorite fruit or vegetable plants or seeds. Have the whole family get involved in your yard and make an area to garden. Even if you only have a balcony, you can grow fruits and veggies in pots or planters. Set aside time throughout the month to be all together outside taking care of the plants you have planted together. Give everyone a job to do: Someone waters the plants, another family member checks for weeds, someone is in charge of the plant food and take turns being the one to harvest. So get your hands dirty, grow something both healthy and delicious for the entire family. Be sure to celebrate all the stages of growth, the first blooms, the first sight of fruit and enjoy eating what you have labored all summer to create.

  • Perseverance

    It’s never too early to make a plan as a family in case something happens. Emergencies happen and natural disasters happen and we all need to be prepared for it. As a family, make a plan to know what to do if an emergency arises. Go out and put together an emergency kit with all the things you’d need. Let every family member be apart of it, let your little brother pick the color of flashlights that you need, let dad pick what size backpack you’ll put everything in. Make sure everyone takes ownership of your family emergency kit. Sit down together and make sure everyone knows the plan and know you are prepared.

  • Hope

    There is so much hope in the future, but there is also hope in our present. Find an air tight container and add family memories, mementos, newspaper clippings, CDs of your favorite music, letters about your hopes/dreams, photos and whatever else you’d like to add. Decide as a family what you want in your family time capsule and find a place to bury it, decide if you’ll open it as a family years down the line or leave it for someone in the future to find.

  • Individuality

    We are all different, some of us are as different as night and day. Explore the night as a family with a full moon night hike! Connect with nature in a new way by taking a guided night hike. Contact your local Audubon Society or nature center about hikes in your area. The same trail, mountains, trees and animals during the day becomes a completely different experience at night when the stars come out. Open your eyes to a whole new world, open your ears to hear the calls of wildlife, engage all of your senses, check out constellations and discover planets in the night sky. Bring along some wintergreen Life Savers, chew them with an open mouth, and watch as you create flashes of light! This sparkly phenomenon, known as triboluminescence, can only be seen in the dark.

  • Service

    We can all help make our community, school, street and home a better place for everyone by serving others. Pick a day to hit the town to find ways you can serve others as a family. Before heading out, create a BINGO board filling in blank spots with ways you can serve others throughout your day, make one for each family member, making sure to mix up the spots and service projects so no one has the same game board. As you are out finding ways to serve, mark off each box that you accomplish. Keep serving until everyone has gotten a BINGO! Not only will everyone have fun, but you will definitely make an impact in your home and community by lending a hand to help someone else.

    Bingo spot ideas:
    Help sibling clean bedroom
    Do the dishes
    Clean up after pets
    Donate clothes to a charity
    Donate food to a soup kitchen
    Bring in grocery carts at a store
    Pick up trash at a park or beach
    Bring cookies to a neighbor
    Give gift card to fire station/police station
    Walk a friend’s dog
    Volunteer at church
    Visit a retirement home
    Donate blankets to a dog shelter
    Smile at someone
    Hold a door open for someone
    Pay for someone’’s gas
    Wash a friend’s car
    Bring someone a meal
    Visit an elderly shut in
    Bag someone’s groceries for them
    Help carry groceries
    Pay for someone’s coffee
    Give someone a compliment
    Bring flowers to a nursing home