Fun2Do - game

  • Integrity

    We all have gifts and talents and this month, we will be showing them off. Sometimes people may need courage to get in front of a group and perform their talents. Having a Family Talent Show will encourage everyone to see their uniqueness and have fun doing it. Pick a night to have a Family Talent Show, be sure to include everyone. Set up a stage area, decorate it, make snacks and get ready for a night of talents! Grandpa may play the harmonica, Mom can teach everyone how to knit, Dad can tell jokes, your Aunt may sing a song, you could show off your skateboarding skills and even the family dog could show off his roll over skills. Have fun, encourage each other and cheer one another on. It takes courage to get in front of people, you can do this as a family and will have fun doing it.

  • Friendship

    Invite your friends over for a fun Game Night and play Taboo (if you don’t currently own Taboo, it can easily be found at a department store or online). Taboo is a fast-paced, verbal version of charades. To play, you need enough family members or friends to divide into two teams with two or more people each. Once you’re on teams, you pick a card from the deck that says a word or phrase and you have to try to get your team to guess what it is. The challenge is you are under a strict time limit and can’t give any obvious clues. Whichever team guesses the most words correctly wins.

  • Creativity

    Lego’s could possibly be the most creative toy ever! You can literally build anything you can imagine. Get out your bin of Legos and get ready for a fun family game night. Here’s some games to get your started, however be sure to use your creativity and come up with your own Lego games.

    Color Stack- Each family member chooses a color. Set a timer for one minute. When the timer starts, you have to create a tower using only that color. At the end of one minute, the family member who used the most of their color wins. There is no height requirement on this game!

    Lego Tower- At the end of one minute, the player with the tallest tower wins. The tower must stand on its own without them touching it.

    Knock ‘Em Down- This time work together to build several buildings that you can place several Lego Figure on. Be sure there is one Lego Figure for each family member. The point of the game is to knock off everyone else’s Lego Figure, leaving yours still standing, in three tries. You can use rolled up socks, ping pong balls or even a Nerf dart gun.

    You Can Build It- Set a time for five minutes, pick a theme like (House, boat, air plane, car) and build. Use your creativity to build your creation. Once the five minutes is up share what you made. Everyone is a winner here, enjoy seeing everyone’s different creations and share what you like about it.

  • Faith - July

    For this faith building game you will need at least 12 plastic disposable cups, one rubber band, a spool of twine/string and scissors. As a family stack cups into a pyramid shape. Then only using the rubber band, string and scissors fashion a way to move all the cups into a single stack, on inside the other. You may NOT touch the cups with any part of your body. Work together, you need everyone help to accomplish this task. Have faith in one another to get it done.

    Once you’ve figured out a system, start over with a new pyramid, maybe add more cups! Then time yourselves, see if you can get faster and more efficient. Be sure everyone is helping, and as you build faith in each other, the faster you will go.

  • Faith

    Set up an indoor or outdoor obstacle course as a family. Taking turns, have one family member put on a blindfold as one family member talks them through the course. You cannot touch the person who is blind folded, you must only use your voice to direct them through. Once everyone has been through, talk about what helped and what didn’t. Change up the course and go again, switch up who is leading and who is wearing the blind fold.

    Afterward talk about trusting each other and having to trust someone else when you couldn’t see. This is how faith feels sometimes, we have to trust God even when we can’t see what He is doing in our lives. What are some ways YOU trust God even when you can’t see what He is doing?

  • Determination

    This is a fun craft for any age. You will have to have determination to wait for the ice to harden and then patient to watch it melt.

    What you Need:

    Corn starch

    Baking soda

    Food coloring

    Ice trays


    Spray bottles


    Bowls for mixing

    Begin by combining equal parts of baking soda and corn starch in a bowl. Once combined carefully spoon the mixture into ice cube trays, filling each slot roughly 1/2 way. Add a few drops of food coloring to each ice slot. Next, add water to the trays and carefully mix until all ingredients are combined.

    Pop your chalk in the freezer, and in 4-6 hours the fun can begin! Take outside, when you spray the chalk cubes with vinegar, they’ll erupt with color. Create works of art on your driveway or patio. This can get messy, but man is it fun!

  • Determination

    Yes, we’ve all done a puzzle but you’ve never done it like this. As a family go out and pick out a new puzzle the bigger the better. Once home clear off a table that will be the home base for your puzzle making fun. Open your new puzzle and pour out pieces. Here’s where it gets harder, be sure to pass around the puzzle top so everyone can get a good look at the picture of the puzzle. Now put the top in another room or closet. NO LOOKING AT IT AGAIN!

    Now it is going to take everyone’s determination to get this puzzle done. Work together, help each other remember what it’s supposed to look like. Be sure to encourage one another when it gets hard. This is a lot of fun when you have a holiday weekend at home together, so you can walk away for a little while and come back to it.

    Once finished, bask in the glory of a job well done! Take a picture and tell everyone how you worked together to finish what you started.

  • Humility

    It’s hard to be humble while playing a game, because the goal is to win. However this fun outdoor game is fun and helpful. As a family create an obstacle course in your yard. Use hula hoops, chairs, swings, balls, pool noodles, tunnels and whatever else you have on hand to create a course that you’d have to crawl over, under, through, climb on, swing across and slide down. The goal of this obstacle course is not to be the first one to the end. The goal is to help get your entire family to the finish together. Help each other, be patient with one another and have fun. Kick it up a notch by adding a timer, keep doing the course and see if you can beat your last time. Get better and help each other over and over again.

  • Forgiveness

    You may have to say “sorry” to your parents after playing this messy fun game! Make sure you have your camera ready for this hilarious and messy family game. First fill as many pie tins as there are family members with gummy worms, make sure everyone has the same amount. Then top each tin with frozen whipped topping.

    Have everyone take a sit at the table with their hands behind their back. Place whipped topping pies in front of each person and the fun begins on the count of three. Everyone dives head first into their pie to retrieve the gummy worms buried under the whipped topping. The first one to pull out and eat all the gummy worms WIN! Be sure to help clean up afterwards!

  • Love

    There’s so much to love about this family game. You will challenge each other to build the tallest free standing “Love Structure” out of heart shaped marshmallows!

    What you need: Heart shaped marshmallows, tooth picks, timer, measuring tape/ruler and paper plate (Valentine themed would be fun).

    Each family member will need their own plate, bowl of marshmallows and handful of tooth picks. Set a timer for 5 minutes and then start building! The family member with the tallest structure at the end of the 5 minutes wins. Play as many times as you like. After playing talk about how love should be the structure of our lives. That treating other’s the way you want to be treated is exactly how Jesus loves us. Talk about ways you can love others better and build a strong structure of love in your life.

  • Knowledge

    Your house will be full of fun, laughter and silly noises once you start playing this silly game. But you’ll need to have your thinking caps on to keep up with this fast paced game.

    Deal the cards out completely (don’t worry if some players get more than others). Players sort the cards in their hands by rank: the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.

    The player to the left of the dealer starts by placing any card down on the table. The next player looks to see if they have a card of the same rank. If they do, they place it down on top of the card, saying “Snip”. If they have another card of the same rank, they place it down too, saying “Snap”. If they don’t, play passes to the next player, and so on. Whoever places the final card of that rank says “Snorem” and wins the right to start the next round with the card of their choice.

    Players will soon learn that it is best to lead with a card in which they have more than one of a kind.

  • Self Control

    Get the family together for a game that is sure to be the opposite of it’s name. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing by the end of the night.

    Have everyone sit in a circle. Have one person start by being “it”. The “it” person gets to pick anyone in the circle to try to get to smile. They can sit in front of whomever they choose and say “Honey, I love you can you give me a smile?” The person who is “it” can use a silly voice or make funny faces, whatever they can to get a smile or laugh out of the other person. The person they’ve chosen to ask, must answer with “Honey I love you but I just can’t smile” three times, without smiling!

    If the person doesn’t smile, then “it” must try someone else in the circle until someone smiles/laughs. Once “it” gets someone to laugh they are now it. Play for as long as you want. This silly game can last for hours and is a great game to play with friends as well.

  • Joy

    Who doesn’t love unwrapping presents on Christmas morning? Get some real practice in as you play this silly game called Unwrap the Candy Ball. First you’ll need at least 50 pieces of your families favorite fun size candy bars, a roll of plastic wrap and a set of dice. Start with a ball or any round object that will not break. Now, start wrapping the ball with plastic wrap. Then, place a piece of candy, then wrap with few layers again. Repeat until it’s larger than a basketball!

    Once your candy ball is full and wrapped, it’s time to play! Have the oldest family member be the one to start with the ball. He or she will now start to unwrap the ball. While the first player is unwrapping the ball, the player on the left will have to roll 2 dice as fast as possible to get doubles. While the person on the left is rolling the dice, the player holding the ball can rip as many layers as they can until a treat comes out, whatever candy falls out on your turn you keep. Once the player on the left rolls doubles, he or she will now be the one to unwrap the ball! Repeat the process until there’s nothing left in the ball! If you want to make the game even more challenging, add in oven mitts, and have whoever is unwrapping the candy ball wear them, taking this family game night to the next level.

  • Honor

    Game: Paper Telephone (photo of hand writing)

    Who’s ready to play a funny variation of telephone? You’re going to play it on paper instead of in whispers. What you will need is: A piece of paper and pencil for each family member.

    How to play: Hand out paper and writing utensils to all the players. Have everyone write their name at the bottom of the page.

    Everyone starts by writing a sentence at the top of their paper. It can be silly or something from a book or movie. Once everyone has a sentence at the top their paper, everyone passes their paper to the right. Then everyone illustrates the sentence given to them with a small picture right underneath the sentence.

    Once everyone has finished drawing their sentences, everyone folds the top part of the paper over so it covers the first sentence, but not the picture. Then again, everyone passes their papers to the right. Now everyone receives a paper with just a drawing visible, and everyone writes the sentence that presumably could have led to that picture.

    Continue writing and drawing until you run out of room, or until everyone gets his or her paper back (that’s why you wrote names at the bottom at the beginning). After everyone’s done writing and drawing, everyone unfolds the paper he or she has and begins to read and laugh at all the sentences and drawings, especially how in the world the first sentence turned into the last one. Then you can go around the circle one by one as everyone reads a paper out loud, or you can just pass them around so everyone can see the drawings clearly. And then play another round!

  • Courage

    Who has what it takes to overcome their fears, have courage and take on a challenge. In this game you will place a bowl of boiled eggs still in their shells, in front of your family. Tell everyone that there is one raw egg in the bowl and that everyone will take turns cracking an egg on their head. The trick is that ALL the eggs are actually boiled and this is just a test of courage. Roll a dice to find out who goes first, first one to roll doubles starts the game. Then go in order to the left. If the person hesitates they lose their turn that round. If the person cracks the egg quickly they earn 5 points. Go around until all the eggs have been cracked.

    Afterward talk about what family members may have been afraid of. Why was it easy for some but harder for others? Talk about other things that cause them to have fear and how could they have courage next time they have to face that fear.

    (Make some yummy deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches with the boiled eggs)

  • Trust

    This simple and silly game will have your family laughing all night. All you need is your family and a stack of paper. Have each family member choose a partner, if you have an odd number of people have one person be the “judge”. Each round of play change up who the “judge” gets to be. The “judge” can take photos of all the silliness and make the final call on who the “winners” are.

    How to play:

    1. Group into partners.

    2. Each pair is given several sheets of paper.

    3. Each pair is challenged to hold as many pieces of paper off the ground by using only their bodies.

    4. Rules:

    – Only one sheet of paper can be between any two body parts

    – No tape or glue can be used to hold paper

    – No folding the papers

    – Each sheet of paper must be in contact with both family members

    – Sheets of paper cannot be touching.

    5. Decide a time to start or have the “judge” say “GO!”

    6. Pairs have 5 minutes to hold as many pieces of paper between their bodies as possible.

    7. Play again! Each round you will build trust and learn from mistakes. Try to beat the highest score, come up with more rules to up the difficulty.

  • Obedience

    Bring the family together to raise your trust game! You will need a few supplies: heavy weight string, something wound with a hole in the center and random found objects. First you’ll need a circular object -a large binder ring works great. You also need some heavy weight string (yarn won’t work because it stretches). Cut about 2 lengths of string per family member, each 10 feet long. Now, just loop them through the binder ring so that the free ends of string dangle. (Fold the string piece in half, thread the middle loop through the binder ring, and pull the loose ends through the string loop.) Lay the contraption on the floor with the strings sprawled out in a starburst fashion.

    The idea is that each family member will hold a loose end of two pairs of strings while standing in a circle and altogether they will lift- which causes the ring in the center to rise up. They must focus on keeping the string taut and the center ring level, because you are going to place objects on that ring to be lifted!

    Now, you want to start off easy! Start with a ball that will sit fairly steady on the center ring. That makes the first attempt a little easier. As you lift you will have to talk to each other and keep lifting at a steady pace. After any failed attempt have talk about it. What went wrong? What could we try next? When you get that first object lifted, try something harder. Try a cup next and then try it upside down. When you successfully lift the cup I add something sitting on the cup. Keep finding things around the house, make it harder each time.

  • Life App - July

    (See crafts below to create your own giant outdoor match game)

    Don’t we all love a good memory match game? Kids of all ages can play and of course parent can even get a little competitive playing. But lets take this tried and true family game and make it HUGE. Create your own large scale outdoor match game. (See instructions in craft section)

    Once you’ve made your mega Match Game tiles, head to the yard (maybe even your front yard, invite the neighbors to play!) or head to the local park and play. This memory game is played exactly the way the small version is played. To play, lay out your tiles in a 5 tile by 5 tile square. Take turns flipping over tiles, if you match you get to keep playing. No match, flip tiles back over and it’s the next players turn. This game can be played all summer long and taken anywhere: the beach, camping, the park, family picnics and at home.

  • Life App

    Watch Your Step as you play this silly fun game as a family. All you need to play “What Your Step” is your family, balloons (two per person) and string. Start out by having everyone blow up their balloons and attaching the string that is all the same length to the balloon on one side and their ankle on the other. Then tie one balloon to each ankle.

    Make sure to explain to everyone that if their balloon becomes disengaged from their ankle, then the balloon is fair game. Anyone can pop it and they cannot reattach it. However, they are not out until someone actually pops the loose balloon. Individuals will then try to pop balloons using only their feet to do so when you start the game. The last person with a balloon wins! Now all you have to do is enjoy the madness!

  • Perseverance

    Test your perseverance with this simple yet hilarious family game. Move one from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. All you need is a plate of cookies, a place to sit and a one minute timer.

    How to Play
    Cookie Face is extremely simple, at least in theory. Sit in a chair with a plate of cookies beside you. Lean your head back and place a cookie in the center of your forehead. When the 1-minute timer begins, use only your face to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth. If you want to tackle a bigger challenge, you can try to successfully maneuver multiple cookies from forehead to mouth. It may seem hard in the beginning, but continue to encourage your family members to keep trying. You’ll get the hang of it. Also remember to take video, will be fun to show each player how silly they looked while moving a cookie down their face.

  • Hope

    Who’s ready to have some fun and laugh so hard your sides hurt? Get ready to play this outrageously funny game as a family.

    First you will need one boiled egg for each family member, bonus points if they are dyed. Pick a hallway in your home or a room with a long open area that can be used for a race, and mark a start and finish line. Choose two family members to compete head to head. Have the two racers get behind the starting line on the hands and knees. On the count of three the racers will need to push their egg down the race track to the finish line ONLY USING THEIR NOSES. Even those who aren’t racing will have fun watching as the eggs decides to go in every direction except toward the finish line. The winner moves on to the next round. Keep playing, you’ll come up with strategies to get to the finish line faster. Have fun with this silly game!

  • Individuality

    Pull out those board games, pop some popcorn and have a game night! As we talk about individuality, why not play the game of Life? We are all different and have different paths to follow in our life, so why not have fun, with a game that celebrates all the different roads we can take in our lives. Hit the road for a roller-coaster life of adventure, family, and unexpected surprises! Want to take the family path, start a career, or venture down a risky road? In this game, players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life. Move the car token around the game board from Start to Retirement, and experience unexpected surprises related to family, career, and other milestones of life. You’ll have so much fun together as a family!

  • Service

    When you serve others you cause a chain reaction in your own life and community for the better. Let’s make a chain reaction by playing with dominos. Gather together as many sets of dominos as you can, as a family set up your own epic chain reaction! Line up dominos in lines, circles or any other creative way you can. Then pick a family member to knock over the first domino to start the chain reaction. Watch as the dominos race around. Then come up with another way to lay them and do it over and over. Keep going big, taller and longer. Enjoy working together as a family, creating your own chain reactions and laughing as the dominos fall.

  • Self Control

    It’s fun to play games as a family, most games end up with everyone laughing… but you don’t want to be the one laughing in this game. In “No Laughing Allowed” you will have to use all the self control you have in your body to keep a straight face. Gather the family in the living room and place two chairs facing each other. Choose two family members to sit in the chairs. Now they will face off in a round of “No Laughing Allowed!” (play rock paper scissors to decide who goes first to make the other laugh). Now that person has to try to make the other person smile without touching them. They can make funny faces, tell jokes, act silly, anything except touching the other person. Meanwhile the other person needs to do their best not to smile, which will take a lot of self control. The round lasts one minute. At the end of the minute the winner is either the one who didn’t laugh or the one who made the other laugh. Pick two new players and keep playing. Switch up pairs and have fun! The person who wins the most is the ULTIMATE WINNER!

  • Compassion

    Have fun guessing which Christmas item is in the bag! To start you will need 10 brown paper bags, then one person from your family will place a Christmas item in each bag without anyone else seeing. To play one family member at a time is blindfolded and has to feel what’s in the bag and then guess what it is, only one guess per person, per bag. If they guess correct they get a point. Then the blindfold is passed to the next family member and given a different bag. This game can be played in multiple rounds allowing each family member to be the one to pick the items that are placed in the bag. No need to buy anything to play this game, use things you have already decorated your home with for the holidays!

    Christmas item ideas to get you started: Candy cane, ornament, Christmas village house, small tree, bells, candle, pom poms, bows, Santa hat, pinecone, tinsel, ornament hooks, fruit cake and garland.

  • Cooperation

    Balloon Bop is such a fun game for all ages! Great for the younger kids to begin learning cooperation, but also great for the older kids and adults to master their cooperation skills!

    First you will need a balloon. Have the family stand in a circle, holding hands. Someone drops one balloon into the circle. The goal is for everyone to see how many times they can tap the balloon into the air (you may tap the balloon with hands, arms, heads, shoulders, chests, or knees—but NO feet), keeping it up in the air, without losing connection (everyone must continue to holding hands). In order for this to work effectively, your family has to work cooperatively, each of person making sure they are not letting go of each other’s hands. You will soon figure out that you must all move together, as a group, to make sure you do not lose connection. If the balloon falls to the ground or a someone taps the balloon with their feet, the count begins again. Once you’ve gotten the hang of things you can add to the fun by adding more balloons!