Fun2Do - craft

  • Responsibility

    Everyone no matter what age you are should have responsibilities around the house. We all live here, so we should all pitch in. Take the time to make a fun and creative chart to list everyone’s names and responsibilities. Get fun colored poster board, use stickers, markers and glitter. Come up with age appropriate chores for everyone. Come together as a family this year to take care of the things you have! Responsibilities can seem hard, but you will feel so good knowing you contributed to making your home a better place.

  • Christmas

    This year is one for the record books. Start a new family tradition this Christmas season, by creating a Time Capsule Ornament to be opened in years to come and remember all the joy your family had in 2020.

    Materials needed

    holiday scrapbook paper



    plastic or glass fillable ornament

    permanent paint pens


    Cut paper into long thin strips approximately half inch wide and five inches long. Have every family member write a memory, accomplishment, or event that happened this year. One memory per strip of paper. Then roll paper strips into a spiral and then place inside fillable ornament. The only limit for your memories is the size of your ornament. Once you have filled your ornament, not you can decorate the outside with the year and any other embellishments. You can decide if you want to only make one ornament for the entire family or if you’d like each family member to create their own time capsule. If this be comes a seasonal tradition, you will be able to look back over the years and read all the blessing and joy you’ve experienced, what a blessing.

  • Gratitude

    We can honor people with our words and actions. Sometimes it’s the thought behind something that makes it so special to those you want to honor. These lovely paper flowers are a great way to make something with love for someone else. Be sure to make a bunch so you can honor as many people as possible. You can deliver these handmade flowers to loved ones, teachers, hospital staff, people in retirement homes or even taking them to a memorial to honor those who have given their lives. Whoever you chose to honor, will love these handmade flowers.



    coffee filters (1-4 per flower)

    spray water bottle

    wax paper

    pipe cleaner

    plastic table clothe

    Cover the work surface with a table with a plastic table clothe. Next, cut a piece of wax paper a little larger than you coffee filter and place filter on top of wax paper. Now time to decorate. Use markers to draw all over the coffee filters. Cover as much of the filter as possible. Once you’re done, spray the flowers with your spray bottle filled with water. Enjoy watching the colors bleed into each other and dance across the coffee filter. Repeat on several more coffee filters.

    Allow filters to dry completely before assembling. Now, stack all filters for a single flower (about 4) together and fold in half. Then, fold in half again. Then flip the filters over and repeat for the other quarter section. Using a pipe cleaner gather the pinched end of your coffee filters and tightly wrap it with the pipe cleaner to create a stem. Gently separate the folded pieces from one another, and then you have a lovely flower to give to someone in your life to honor them.

  • Integrity

    Have you ever held a bubble in your hands without it popping immediately? This bubble recipe helps bubbles last longer and the addition wearing gloves allows you to play with the bubbles! Have fun making and playing with these bubbles.

    What you Need

    2 cups of water

    ¼ dish soap

    2 tablespoons of glycerin

    bubble wands

    Cotton gloves

    Combine water, dish soap and glycerin. Use solution as you would regular bubbles. Tip: the slower you blow the bubble the longer it will last. With cotton gloves on you can handle, bounce and play with the bubbles. Have fun with these magical bubbles.

  • Friendship

    Create something that shows someone you love that you are friends by making them a friendship bracelets. This would be a fun craft to do while watching your favorite movie or tv show. Make several to hand out to friends throughout the month. Think about who you want to make a bracelet for and what colors they would like. Write a note to attach the bracelet to, telling them why you love having them as a friend and drop it off at their house or mail it to them.

    You can search the internet for simple instructions on how to make friendship bracelets. Depending on the age of each family member you can find instructions in various degrees of difficulty. All you’ll need is different colors of embroidery floss and time. Your friends will love your bracelet creations.

  • Creativity

    Did you know you can create dye from fruits and vegetables? Here’s a fun way to not only create your own one of a kind tie dyed shirt, but you will also create the dye!

    Yellow: try turmeric, mints, thymes or celery leaves.
    Pink: try beets, strawberries, cherries, cranberries or tomatoes.
    Blues and purples: try blueberries, blackberries, black currants, mulberries , cabbage or plum skins.
    Brown to orange: try tea, coffee grounds, carrots or yellow onion skins.

    Choose one or two colors you’d like to create to get started. Beets are a great place to start.


    1 bunch beets about 5

    2 cups vinegar

    8 cups water

    Stock pot

    Cotton shirt

    First be sure you have washed and dried your shirts. In a large pot, add 2 cups vinegar and 8 cups water. Bring to a boil and let your fabric simmer in this mixture for an hour. While the shirts boil, use an extra pot, to create your dye while the fabric simmers.

    Scrub the beets to remove any dirt and then chop them. Place the beets in a pot and cover with water so that the water level is about 1 inch above the beets. Simmer on low for an hour. Once the dye is a deep red color, remove the beets with a slotted spoon and allow to come to room temperature.

    Take shirt from water, squeeze excess water out of shirt, then fold and tie shirt with rubber bands as you would a regular tie dye shirt to create a fun pattern. Then place in red dye. Let sit for 3 hours or overnight. The longer you let it set, the more vibrant it will be.

    Remove your fabric from the dye and gently squeeze it to remove the excess dye. Allow your fabric to drip dry overnight. Then use a warm iron for five minutes to heat set the dye. Wash and dry on low/gentle.

    Enjoy your creation!

  • Faith - July

    In older churches you may find stunning stained glass windows. These works of art typically depict scenes of faith. Let’s make our own for our homes.

    What You Will Need


    Cheese grater (or a pencil sharpener)

    Wax paper


    Sharpie markers

    Cookie Sheets


    What You Will Do

    1. Get broken, discarded and unwanted crayons together. Large chunky toddler crayons are great because they are quicker and easier to grate. However normal crayons work fine, too.

    2. Grate your crayons on a sturdy cheese grater to produce crayon shavings. You can also use a pencil sharpener to get your shavings as well. Keep colors separated in small dishes, for easier use later.

    3. Add crayon shavings to wax paper. Cut or tear a sheet of wax paper and fold it in half to crease the center. Unfold. Lay on cookie sheets. Add crayon shavings to one side of the wax paper in any pattern or design desired. A small amount will go a long way. Fold the second half of the wax paper back over to sandwich in the crayon shavings.

    4. PARENTS JOB!!! Time to iron crayon shaving. Set the wax paper/crayon shaving sandwich on a piece of newsprint or other paper on your ironing board. Place another piece of paper on top. The paper is to soak up the oils from the melting crayon. Run the iron over the paper/wax paper/crayon shaving sandwich slowly and evenly to melt the crayon. Use low heat, this will help control the melting and not happen too fast.

    5. Once wax is cooled, you can now draw with your sharpie markers anything you’d like. Maybe something that reminds you of your faith or a scene from your favorite bible story. Then display in a window to enjoy.

  • Faith

    Having faith can be hard, and we can forget in hard times that God is still there and that He loves you. Let’s make Faith Jars, so we can be reminded of His faithfulness.

    What You’ll Need



    Washi Tape

    Duct Tape

    Paint markers




    Large tongue depressors or pieces of paper


    What You Will Do

    Decorate your jar any way you would like. Have it match your bedroom or create a one of a kind design on the outside. While your jar dries, take out your bible or a bible out and look of bible verses and stories about faith. Write the bible verses on the tongue depressors and add to your jar. Now place your jar of faith someplace you will see it every single day. When you are struggling to “see” God or need help having faith, pull out a stick from the jar and read the verse. Maybe display the stick on your mirror or door to be reminded of that verse. Make this a habit and watch your faith grow.

  • Humility

    Kids love comic books and graphic novels. Let’s create one on humility together as a family. Staple 5-10 pieces of paper in the center and fold them into a book. Use crayons, color pencils and markers to create a story that shows humility. Come up with heroes and villains, and a problem to be solved with humility. Work together as a family to come up with the story, and enjoy reading it together once it’s finished.

  • Forgiveness

    Every house has that box or drawer of left over pieces of construction paper. Papers that are the wrong size or left overs from other projects. Well we will give those scraps a second chance.

    What you Need:

    Random construction paper

    glue stick

    Rip multiple colors of paper into about 1 inch pieces. Then have fun creating a mosaic art piece using the tiny scraps of paper and a glue stick to glue the pieces to another larger piece of paper. You can create an abstract piece of art or use the scraps to create an image of the ocean, mountains or your favorite animal. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy creating something beautiful from something that would have been thrown away.

  • Love

    Science meets art with this beautiful craft project. This craft can be created with things you already have in your pantry! So much fun.

    What you need: Water color paper (cut into heart shapes), baking soda, vinegar, cookie sheet lined with tin foil, food coloring gels, spoon, muffin pan and eye dropper.

    Place pre-cut paper hearts on tin foil lined cookie sheet. Add about ¼ cup vinegar into each section of muffin tin and add a few drops of gel coloring into each section and mix. Using a spoon sprinkle baking soda on top of your hearts in a solid even layer. Then using the eye dropper, fill with the color vinegar you want to use and squeeze over baking soda heart and watch the magic. Continue adding more colors and watching the bubbles emerge. Tip heart to allow excess vinegar to drip off then set aside to dry, and continue to create with the other hearts you cut out.

    Once dry write loving messages on the back of each heart. These would make incredible Valentines and or beautiful decorations for you home. Enjoy creating these one of a kind hearts.

  • Knowledge

    It’s time to make art with words. Using newspapers and magazines, cut out words that describe you or things you love. Use glue, paint, glitter, crayons or any art supplies you have on hand to create colleges. Display your art on the fridge and let every family member explain why they picked their words and what they created out of them.

    It’s fun to use different mediums to create are and also learn knew things about each member of your family.

  • Self Control

    These lovely jars will light up your home, but will take some patience and time to make. Set aside a few hours for crafting as a family. Gather together old/used glass jars; pasta sauce jars, baby food jars, salsa jars, anything you have around the house that’s clear glass. You’ll need spray paint and yarn as well. Let everyone choose a jar to decorate, then give each family member 2-foot length of yarn. Wrap the string around your jar tightly and tie a knot. Remember to crisscross and overlap until you create a design you like.

    Place jars on a covered surface upside down and spray paint. They will need several coats of paint, and you MUST let them dry in between coats. This can be the hardest part, the waiting. Make sure to let them dry for 5-10 minutes in between coats. Once fully dried just cut the string in one place and unravel. Your self-control will be rewarded with a beautifully decorated candle holder. Now place a tea light inside and see how the light shines through the glass that is not painted. This project takes time but you are rewarded with a beautiful piece of glowing art to be enjoyed for years to come.

    What you Need:

    Glass jars (with any labels removed)


    Spray paint (white is best)

    Tea candles

  • Joy

    We all have the closet full of wrapping paper or small left over scraps from wrapping all those Christmas presents. This easy holiday craft will give new purpose to those scraps and create something cheerful for your home or to give to someone you love. You can easily make a bunch of these in a short amount of time, so be sure to make some extra tree to give as gifts.


    Assorted wrapping paper, 6 to 8 patterns cut into 20 5” x 8” rectangles


    heavy cardboard, poster board or card-stock

    Pen or Pencil




    It’s time to roll! Take a rectangle and turn the nice side down, so the back of the paper is facing up. Make the orientation a landscape (top and bottom are longer than the sides.) Lightly glue the top half of the back of the paper, and then carefully roll up the paper into a 1/2” tube. For a tighter and more uniform look, wrap the paper around a pen or pencil, sliding it out as the paper becomes held by the glue.

    When all your wrapping paper rolls are finished, lay them side by side on the construction paper in your preferred pattern. Then take the scissors and start to trim the rolls, making each one slightly shorter than the last, to form the shape of the tree.

    Glue the rolls in place, then add buttons or other decorations. For a star, you can cut a shape from wrapping paper and place a button in the center, or get creative with a bottle cap, etc. Take one of the ends that were trimmed, flatten and glue it to the bottom to make the trunk.

    Enjoy your work of art! You can display this in your holiday décor or make into a card to give to a loved one. Whatever you choose, you will have the sweetest Christmas tree to enjoy.

  • Honor

    Create an autumn themed wreath to give to someone special to show them how valuable they are to you. The person you choose to honor can display your wreath all season long.

    What you need

    Paper plates

    School glue

    fallen leaves or fake fall leaves


    Cut out the center of the paper plate, only leaving the outer ring of the plate. It should look like a “O”. Glue leaves as you wish all over plate leaving no empty spaces. Allow to dry and then give away!

  • Courage

    We all feel fear at some point, let’s make Courage badges that we can wear, pin to a back pack or place somewhere we can see them. Your Courage Badge will remind you WHO you put your trust into (God) and that He is always with you.

    You will need cardboard or card-stock, glitter, glue, ribbon, crayons, markers, scissors, stickers, hot glue gun/hot glue and safety pins. Have everyone cut out their badge in whatever shape they like. Maybe a star, circle or any creative shape you would like. Write the word “Courage” on your badge then decorate however you like. Add ribbons, glitter or stickers to make your Courage Badge one of a kind. Once done have an adult use a hot glue gun to attach a safety pin to the back of your badge so it can be worn or pinned to a back pack.

    While crafting talk about fears and how we can overcome them, ask what are some things you can do to help you have courage in the moments of fear? Pick a place that you will keep your Courage Badge and pin or display it there. Help remind each other about having courage and point out your Courage Badge in those moments.

  • Trust

    These salt dough leaves will have your home smelling like autumn all season long. With a few simple ingredients your family will create beautiful décor to hang every fall for years to come.

    Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaves

    1 cup flour

    1 cup salt

    1 cup warm water

    Food coloring in Autumn shades (yellow/orange/red/brown)

    1 tsp nutmeg

    1 tbsp. cinnamon

    Mix the flour. Salt and spices in a bowl, then add the warm water in small amounts, mixing as you go. It should come together to resemble a slightly sticky dough, but not so sticky that any residue comes off on your fingers. If this happens then you have added too much water and you need to add some more flour to balance it out. It’s very similar to making a cooking dough and can be saved quite easily.

    Divide the mixture into three balls and added food coloring to the different balls of dough. Knead dough until color is solid. The kids will have fun doing this part. Your kitchen should smell delightfully FALL by now.

    Now it’s time to roll out and cut leaf shape using cookie cutters, or you can also use real leaves and press into dough to get shape then cut with a knife. Be sure to poke a hole with s straw through the leaf so you have a place to pull string through so you can hang them. Keep the dough thin (around 1cm or below) and lay the finished creations out on a baking sheet in the oven at a very low temperature about 140 degrees for around 3 hours. If they are still doughy or soft after this time, simply turn them over and heat again. The idea is to use the oven to air dry them and harden them, not to “cook” them. Once cool feed string or twine through the hole in each leaf and tie into a knot. Have the family hunt for perfect tree branches to put into a vase and then hang your fall leaves on the branches. Enjoy all fall long!

  • Obedience

    Call Mission Control and let them know we have lift off! Create this fun slime that will provide hours of family fun together.


    Purple, blue, and pink food coloring

    Purple glitter (fine glitter works best)

    Elmer’s clear glue

    Sta-flo liquid laundry starch

    Small bowls (3)

    Plastic disposable forks

    In each bowl add 1/2 a cup of glue, 1/2 a cup of water, purple glitter, and food coloring. Stir each bowl, then add 1/2 a cup of laundry starch to each bowl and stir again. It may look gross in the beginning, but it’s not ruined. Keep going. It takes a few minutes to fully form. If you think it’s too gooey, try letting it sit for about five minutes. Knead each color individually until you get the perfect slime texture. Once the three colors of slime are stretchy and no longer cloudy, it’s time to mix them.

    Star kneading and twisting the colors together, creating your perfect swirling galaxy. The more you play, the more galaxy like it will be. Store in air tight container and enjoy.

  • Life App - July

    Every game is more fun when it’s big and played outside! You’ve seen big Jinga or Yatzee, but have you seen Mega Match Game?! This simple project will turn into a full summer of family fun.

    What you’ll need:

    12×12″ Cork Tiles (24 or as many as you like, but keep it an even number)

    Spray Paint (if you want to use stencils)

    Paint (if you want to free hand paint your designs)

    1 Sheet 12×12″ Card-stock (to make shape stencils or you can free hand paint designs)

    X-Acto Knife

    Painter’s Tape

    Paper, Drop Cloth or Other Way to Protect Your Workspace


    Lay out cork tiles on a protected surface in a well ventilated area. Paint one side of each tile with the same design, this will be the side of the tile that starts out face up. They all need to match. Create a design of your own or maybe do everyone’s hand prints on each tile. Just make sure they match as much as possible. Once dry flip over and create matching pairs. Paint the something on two tiles. It can be as simple as match shapes and colors or elaborate designs. Here’s a blog with printable stencils if you need a creative inspiration: https://studiodiy.com/2013/07/30/diy-giant-lawn-matching-game/

  • Life App

    Homemade stepping stones are a great way to personalize your yard and create memories that will last forever. Save your families hand prints or create your own beautiful mosaic work of art. This family fun craft will be cherished for years to come.

    You can purchase a kit at any local craft store. Or you can save money and buy all the supplies yourself. Basically, stepping stones are made by mixing concrete, decorating it, pouring it into a mold, and allowing it to dry. What could be simpler?

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    A mold, you can buy a mold or just use an old cake tins or baking tins work well.

    Quick-setting concrete

    Bucket, for mixing the concrete

    An old spoon or paint mixing stick can be used to stir.

    Rubber gloves, to protect hands

    Old newspaper and a drop cloth, to protect whatever service you are working on.

    Nonstick cooking spray or petroleum jelly. You’ll use one of these to line your mold.

    Mix-in and embellishments. To personalize your stone, you’ll want to add an interesting and colorful embellishment—and, if you’re working with children, you’ll want to offer plenty of options. Possibilities include broken bits of pottery, marbles, small toys, tiles or dice from board games, dried flowers or plant matter, sea glass, glitter, etc.

    How to Make:

    1. Protect your work surface by putting newspaper and/or a drop cloth down, ideally outdoors.

    2. Line your mold or molds with cooking spray or petroleum jelly.

    3. Mix up concrete according to instructions.

    4. Pour concrete mix into mold or molds.

    5. Add embellishments to the top of the concrete.

    6. Allow your stepping stone to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours. Remove from the mold and place it in your garden and enjoy for a lifetime!

  • Perseverance

    Kids love water balloons, let’s be honest… parents love water balloons too! The whole family will have fun with this messy outdoor art project.


    Water balloons, filled with water, but not so full that they are about to burst

    Kiddie pool (the hard plastic kind; see the end of the post for alternate ideas if you don’t have one)

    Large piece of paper (such as butcher paper) or cardboard

    Tempera paint

    Masking tape


    1. Tape the paper down to the bottom of the swimming pool.

    2. Fill small dishes 1/3-1/2 full with paint.

    3. Dip water balloons in paint part or all the way and set on the paper-covered bottom of the pool.

    4. Next, the kids take position around the pool, lift it up, and tilt the pool back and forth and around to make the paint-covered water balloons roll around and make designs on the paper.

    5. When the painting is deemed complete, set the pool down, remove the water balloons, and then remove the painting to a safe place to let dry.

    6. Fill the pool with water to wash it, the kids, and the water balloons!

  • Hope

    It’s SPRING! The sun is out and the birds are singing. It’s time to get outside and enjoy nature. Create these beautiful bird feeders, that you can enjoy all spring long.

    empty cartons, washed and dried
    acrylic paint
    paint brush
    paper towel
    nail or screwdriver
    string or yarn
    utility knife
    bird seed

    With help from an adult, use a utility knife to cut the sides out of a carton, while keeping the corner edges in tact, it will look like a lantern. Place the carton on a protected surface and paint with acrylic paints. Birds love bright colors, so have fun making your bird feeder beautiful. Let dry. Poke a hole into the top on each side of the carton with a nail or screw driver. Thread a piece of yarn or string through the carton and knot at the top to hang. Fill with bird seed and find the perfect location outside to bird watch.

  • Individuality

    It’s time to Tie Dye! Grab a tie dye kit from your local craft store and a few white shirts and have fun designing your one of a kind fashion statement. Make sure to work outside, this WILL get messy. Wear clothes that you don’t mind if they get dye on them, be sure to have gloves for everyone and cover your work area with trash bags, tarp or plastic table clothes. Be sure to follow ALL package instructions on your dye kit. And have fun creating! Also be sure to plan a family day to all wear your individual creations together.

  • Service

    It’s always fun to create things, it’s even more fun to make something special for someone else. Take some time to make these simple blankets for someone you love or someone who is in need.

    What you need:
    3.25 yards of Anti-pill fleece

    1. Lay out fleece on a large flat area, the floor works best.

    2. Cut “4 x 4” square from each corner of the fabric.

    3. Using a ruler make a mark every one inch down the fabric.

    4. Cut fabric on your marker marks four inches deep.

    5. Once you’ve cut all the way around the fabric, you will tie each strip into a square knot.

    This simple no sew blanket comes together so quickly that you can make a bunch in no time. Imagine how many people you can bless with just a little bit of fabric.