• Game : Backyard Mini Golf

    You could totally head to a miniature golf course as a family outing this month or why not make one in your own backyard? To play, you can create a simple version of Mini Golf in your backyard. Use colorful plastic cups laid on their sides to make the golf “holes.” Keep the cups in place by driving a nail through the side of the cup into the ground (be sure to stay away from sprinkler lines). You can crate obstacles, like at a real mini golf course. Have fun making the different holes have different difficulties. Get some toy golf clubs (dollar store), real golf clubs (from dad/grandpa), or even hockey sticks, really any kid of sticks will work and try to hit small balls into the cups. The family member with the lowest number of strokes wins. Have fun making your mini golf course and then playing together. Remember to be kind to one another as you share ideas and work together to create the most awesome back yard mini golf course.

  • Outing : Super Fan Family

    Attend a local sporting event. It doesn’t have to be a professional team, you can support your local high school baseball team or little league. Cheer on the team, make t-shirts to show your team spirit, support the team by buying concessions. Enjoy a day as a family watching a fun sporting event and showing kindness to others by supporting local sports.

  • Recipe : Food Share

    This month instead of a recipe, lets show kindness with food through clearing out our pantries and shopping for nonperishable foods to donate to a food pantry. As a family find food that is nonperishable and NOT EXPIRED. Pool together extra change, chore money and piggy banks to go to the store I buy things your local food pantry/homeless shelter are in need of. Socks and toiletries are the most requested and least donated items, purchasing those can make a big difference in your community. Fill up boxes and bags and deliver them to the charity of your choice. If you can and it’s safe to do so, volunteer to help. You can help serve meals, pack boxes or organize shelves. This is a great way to show kindness to others in your community as a family.

  • Craft : Grow Kindness

    This month’s craft involves gardening and art! Plus you get to bless others with your creativity.

    You will need:

    1 ceramic pot

    sharpie markers/paint pens

    craft paint

    paint brushes


    foam stickers



    potting soil

    plant of your choice

    Decorate your pot as much as you would like. Write kind and encouraging words or scripture on the pot. Fill pot with potting soil and plant your plant. Now choose a neighbor, friend, or family member to bless with your beautifully decorate pot and plant. Spread kindness and deliver your plant to the person you have chosen to bless.