About Studio 252

Studio 252 is a multi-faceted website designed to CUE parents and kids to connect with each other and with their Creator. Like 252 Basics, it centers on 3 Basic Truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52:
I need to make the wise choice. I can trust God no matter what. I need to treat others the way I want to be treated.
By the time children reach the fifth grade, we want them to not only know, but to have incorporated these 3 Basic Truths into their life. Each month, we will focus on one specific “life app” that will inspire kids to live lives that cooperate with the character of God and what God wants to do in and through them.
What You Get
Every family who accesses the Studio 252 website will have access to the following materials for FREE:
  • Weekly Bible Story Video (Feature Presentation)
  • Weekly Video Blogs from the Studio 252 cast
  • Weekly Character Blogs with family activities
  • Monthly Preview Video for Parents
In addition to the free resources, every family who creates an account with Studio 252 will have access to the following:
  • Monthly Studio 252 Video
  • Monthly Music Video
  • Weekly Parent CUE
  • Weekly MealTime Discussion Guides
  • Weekly BedTime Bible Story and Story Card
  • Weekly MorningTime Note Card
  • Weekly DriveTime BibleStory mp3
  • Weekly HangTime Videos (Get Reel 2.0 and Feature Presentation Story)
  • Weekly GodTime devotionals
  • A personal kid’s profile on the site
  • And more!
All accounts are free to parents when they have a "church code" provided to them through a 252 church.
What's a Parent CUE?
First, it's a prompt. A whisper in a parent's ear: "Talk to your kid about this," or "Why not try this at dinner tonight?"
Second, CUE is a reminder to do something more to:
  • Connect to God's story.
  • Uncover something about life.
  • Experience something together.
So, to sum up, Parent CUEs are designed to help parents incorporate conversations about God and His Big Story into everyday moments—during morningtime, mealtime, drivetime, and bedtime.
Why does everything have a Time?

When Moses talked to the people of Israel about passing on the commandments and stories of faith to their children, he said this, “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” Deuteronomy 6:7, NIV, ©1984.

Moses was advocating for the people of Israel to use everyday moments together to talk about God. In the same way, we want to make it easy for parents to connect as a family and to talk about these spiritual issues in the natural rhythm of their day. That’s why our resources are organized around five times that are common in most family's daily lives: MorningTime, DriveTime, HangTime, MealTime and BedTime.

The Orange Difference
Studio 252 is a part of a larger strategy designed to connect what happens at church to what happens at home. With Studio 252, your families will have what they need to continue the conversations that you begin in your weekly environments at home all week long. To view a sample of the 252 Basics Curriculum, click here.