Fun2Do - outing

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    Kids love helping and working on tough tasks together, is a great way to build determination. There is such satisfaction associated with creating something with your own two hands. Find a family project to work together on outside. Maybe build that long awaited tree house, hang that tire swing in the front yard, paint the back fence, fix the gate, organize the garage, plant that garden… this list can go on and on. Be determined as a family to finish whatever task you’ve chosen. Encourage each other when it get hard and when others want to quit. Make sure to celebrate when you’re done! Maybe ice cream from the Ice Cream truck, Slurpees or head out for frozen yogurt. You did it!

  • Humility

    Being humble is putting someone else first, which isn’t always easy. Plan a day with a friend or family member (that does NOT live in your house) and make the day all about them and what THEY want to do. Sometimes this could be hard because they may want to go to places you wouldn’t pick or eat food that may not be your favorite. However at the end of the day the person you have chosen to put first that day will feel so happy and loved by you and your family and that’s the best way to spend a day!

  • Forgiveness

    Head to the park or your driveway for a game of basketball, or Horse. Enjoy a game without keeping score (this may be harder for the parents). Afterward talk about how fun it was to not keep score and just enjoy playing. Also talk about when you forgive someone else, you are deciding to not keep score of who’s right and who’s wrong. When you forgive someone you are both winners, because you wipe the slate clean and start new. Let’s try to remember in life we aren’t supposed to keep score.

  • Love

    As a family choose a neighbor or family friend who you could surprise with some extra love. Mow their lawn, take out their trash, walk their dog, help with a house project, paint a fence, deliver a meal, choose something that you would want someone to do for you! Live out this months life app as a family but surprising someone with LOVE.

  • Knowledge

    It’s time to explore your community and learn something new! Wether you live in a big city or a small town, the place where you live has history, and it’s time to find it. Spend an afternoon at your local public library, get library cards! Check out new books you’ve never read and spend time reading together. You can also go to a local museum or historical sight, don’t drive too far! Stay as local as possible. Spend a day building new KNOWLEDGE of where you live. As a family talk about about what you learned today and how learning something knew made you feel.

  • Joy

    Find the JOY in family time! Grab the family, some blankets, hot cocoa and jump into the car. Head out for a night of looking at Christmas Lights with a twist! Find or create a list of things to look for while out, and you can’t go home until everything on the list has been found. The kids will be on the look out the entire drive trying to cross everything on their list.

    You can go online to Google or Pinterest to easily find Christmas Scavenger Hunt list and print one out for free. Or make your own before leaving the house, here’s some ideas to get you stated:










    Red Lights

    Mickey Mouse

    Christmas Tree

    Candy Cane





    Polar Bear





  • Honor

    Make your favorite cookie recipe (Amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe below) and bring them to your local Fire Department. These men and women work hard to protect our homes and communities, and most of them are volunteer Fire Fighters. What a great way to honor those around us, than to make and then deliver treats?!

    (Feel free to honor who you’d like, other ideas: Police Station, Garbageman, Mailman, neighbor ect.)

  • Courage

    The days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colors. Bundle your family up and head outside for an evening under the stars around a camp fire. Spend time talking about how you’ve been brave in the past and over came some of your fears. Allow your kids to talk freely about their fears and how you as a family can help each other to have courage and overcome our fears.

    Even if you don’t have a place to do a camp fire, grab some flash lights, blankets, some treats and head out to star gaze.

    Don’t forget to bring some “Brave Bars” a yummy treat perfect for an evening outdoors. Recipe below.

  • Trust

    Probably the parents do all the planning in your family. They work hard to make fun outings for the kids. However it’s time to hand over the reigns and trust the kids with the planning. Pick a day that the kids can be in charge of all the planning. Parents can lay some ground rules about staying local and having a budget. But allow the kids to do as much of the planning as possible. The kids will love being “in charge” and the grown ups may be surprised at what they plan. Maybe a day out at a park, fort building in the back yard, fun at an arcade, a Pajama Day at home, pizza & video games or maybe their favorite fast food place.

  • Obedience

    Obedience can be tricky. We know we should do what we have been asked to do but we don’t always know why. What if what we are asked to do goes against what we want to do? What if we think we have a better way?

    This week, visit a local library or bookstore and pick up The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San Souci. Then, gather your family together to read this captivating tale of two sisters, Rose and Blanche, who discover just how valuable obedience really is.

    After the story is finished, discuss these questions as a family: How would you have reacted to the strange things Blanche saw at the widow’s cabin? Blanche didn’t understand why the widow asked her to do some things but she trusted the widow so she obeyed. Are there any rules in our house that you obey but don’t understand why they are house rules?

  • Faith, pt. 2

    Figure out the time for sunrise or sunset wherever you find yourself in the world. Grab a blanket and a snack, and head outside 15 minutes before. Sit back and enjoy the changing sky as the sun rises or sets, whichever time you’ve chosen. Remember that the same God who created this amazing sky and designed it to change this way, also created each of you and designed a plan to help you change, too.

  • Faith

    Figure out the time for sunrise or sunset wherever you find yourself in the world. Grab a blanket and a snack, and head outside 15 minutes before. Sit back and enjoy the changing sky as the sun rises or sets, whichever time you’ve chosen. Remember that the same God who created this amazing sky and designed it to change this way, also created each of you and designed a plan to help you change, too.

  • Contentment

    Go for a walk and take nothing. No phones, no keys, no water bottle, no things. Take the time to focus on what matters instead of thinking about stuff. On your way back, talk about what you’re coming back with: a memory, an observation, a peaceful feeling, a realization, or a new connection with each other.

  • Perseverance

    Go on a “technology-free” walk with your family and encourage everyone to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future and what matters most to them. Talking about these things as a family—free of distractions—is a great way to imagine the good that can come from your perseverance through hard times.

  • Hope

    Typically a parent is the one running the agenda. So switch it up and let your kid plan an entire day this month. Give them a budget and let them decide what they want to do to connect one-on-one or as a family—maybe a little Frisbee golf or PlayStation? How about an amusement park or clothes shopping? You’ll find yourselves learning more about each other so you’ll be able to help each other find hope when tough times come.

  • Cooperation

    Since the month of February is known for taking the time to show your love for others, work together to put your love into action by making and delivering treats somewhere in your community like a nursing home, fire department or children’s hospital.

  • Self-Control

    Many times family members get the short end of the stick when it comes to our words. But it’s important to remember you have control over what you say and how you treat your family. Decide to take a fun family outing any place you all like to go. Come up with three commonly used words like “Yes,” “Thing” and “You,” and try getting through the entire outing without saying those three words. Then talk about words you should choose to say and how they may affect others.

  • Compassion

    Don’t have your advent calendar already up and counting? It’s not too late! Make a list together by coming up with ways to show compassion to someone every day from now until Christmas. Then go do them! Need a start? Download the Advent Calendar at http://theparentcue.org/25-days-of-compassion/.

  • Service

    Bring serving home this month by encouraging your family members to serve one another. Put every family member’s name on a piece of paper. Then, draw names and keep it a secret. Plan one day where each person gets to pick somewhere to go, maybe a park, a museum, even a favorite place to window shop. But here’s the catch: the place you pick has to be somewhere you think will help the person you chose have a brighter day.

  • Individuality

    This may require a little sleuth work on your kids’ part. Think of a teacher, coach or small group leader who is making a difference in your kids’ life. Challenge each child to figure out their favorite snack or treat. Together, shop for the treat (or the ingredients to make that treat), and write a note thanking them for being such an influential person to your family!

  • Initiative

    Every community has big needs. And it’s easy to think we’re too small to do the big jobs. But initiative teaches us that doing even something small can make a big difference. So consider the needs in your community and, together, find a way to help. Maybe you can pick up litter on the soccer field or basketball court. Maybe you can plan a coat drive for a shelter. Maybe you can deliver meals to homebound senior citizens.

    Doing one small thing may not feel like it fixes the big needs. But if we all do one small thing, it will add up to a big difference.

  • Wisdom

    This week you’ll need to put your wisdom to work as you figure out together where to go for a family photo scavenger hunt. You must find the following locations/items and snap a picture for proof. For an extra challenge, divide your family into two teams and make it a race!

    Take as many of the following pictures as you can in a short amount of time (you choose the time limit):

    1. A family selfie in the car

    2. The strangest animal you can find

    3. An out-of-state license plate

    4. Everyone jumping at the same time

    5. A messy room “before and after”

    Bonus: The most unusual picture you can take


  • Conviction, Pt 2

    Put on your journalist cap and grab your notepad for this month’s outing. Parents, find someone of an older generation (grandparent, neighbor, elder at church) who you trust to be interviewed by your young reporter about conviction. Consider holding the interview session at a local ice cream shop or over a plate of cookies.

    Here are some questions the Conviction Reporter can ask:

    1. At church, we’re learning that conviction is standing for what’s right even when others don’t. What is something you remember standing up for in your life?

    2. Why was it important?

    3. How did you show conviction?

    4. Do you think the same thing is still important?

    5. What do you think are things my generation should stand for?

  • Conviction

    Your challenge this week is to find the tallest building in your city—a building that is standing strong. You may be able to walk around your town, or you may need to drive or take a bus downtown, but take advantage of this chance to explore your town and maybe discover some new places along the way! If you are struggling to find the tallest building, you can visit the Visitor’s Bureau or Tourism Office for help. Once you all agree that you’ve found the tallest, strongest one, walk around the outside of the building and find the plaque that gives the date of when the building was erected (it might be in the lobby). If it’s a public building, take the elevator as high as you can and look out the window. Think about how that tall building stands strong through wind and storms for all the years.

    Keep the fun going in a nearby park (use your map app if you need help finding one). Walk around that park and find the tallest tree. Brainstorm together all the things the tree has stood through (weather, squirrels scurrying through it, birds nesting in it, kids climbing it). You can even pack a picnic or grab some food to-go from a nearby restaurant and eat lunch or dinner under the tree. Congratulate each other on completing your Conviction Quest.

  • Honesty

    Time to put all that honesty into practice as your family takes on each other in some friendly competition. Visit a local arcade or other family-friendly fun venue where you can play competitive games. As you compete—without cheating—against each other, remember that honesty is more than just about what you SAY; what you DO should be honest too!