Fun2Do - game

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    As a family pick a new puzzle to do together, the bigger the better. Decide as a family an evening or weekend afternoon you will spend putting together this puzzle. It may get hard or feel impossible at times, however as a family be DETERMINED to finish! Grab your favorite snack and pop in a movie to help pass the time. It will feel amazing when you finish because you didn’t give up.

  • Humility

    Play a game of tag, using an umbrella to identify a “safe” zone.

    Pride often leads us to disobey. Humbly following God’s rules,
    keeps us safe.

    Play this game to teach the concept that God protects us (from pride) like an umbrella. While you play your game of tag, have an adult hold a large umbrella that serves as a “home free” base. Runners can only stay under the umbrella for a count of ten. Ideally, arrange to play this game with a larger group of children in a play-date setting or with friends.

    Use the discussion questions below to help your children understand that God wants to protect us. When we are prideful and think we can do things on our own, refusing to follow God’s way, we often end up in trouble. So let’s stay humble.

    Questions after playing:

    Have you ever thought that you knew better than your parents and chose not to follow a rule? Which rules in our home were made to keep you safe?
    If you chose not to follow these safety rules, what could happen to you? Can you think of any rules God gives us in the Bible?
    How would life be different if we chose not to follow God’s rules?

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness can be a heavy but important topic to talk about as a family. Let’s lighten the mood and have a game night. Pop some popcorn, get everyones favorite candy and play SORRY the board game. As you play talk about how it feels when someone wrongs you and how we can all find a way to forgive others. Use this time to laugh, play and learn as a family.

  • Love

    You’ll need several boxes of Conversation Hearts (you can find at dollar stores), and a timer. Using conversation hearts, all players must stack as many hearts as they can in 1 minute. If your pile falls over you have to start over. At the end of 1 minute, the player with the tallest stack wins! Then go around the table and have each family member say what they LOVE about the “winner”. Keep playing until everyone gets a chance to be the winner. At the end of the game enjoy eating your game pieces!

  • Knowledge

    You’ll need to think fast to keep up with this family fun card game. Spoons needs at least three players to play, and more players means more fun. Players sit in a circle on the floor or around a table. Spoons (plastic spoons are best) are placed in the middle, one fewer spoon than players. Each player, including the dealer, gets four cards. The dealer takes one card from the deck. If it improves his hand, he adds it, discarding another card, which he slides to the player on his left. If not, he passes the card on. The player on his left does the same, until all players are passing cards.

    The first player to collect four of a kind quietly takes a spoon. When the others see the spoon taken, they grab for a spoon. One player will be left without a spoon and is eliminated from play. Play continues until one player is left.

    The more you play the faster your brain works! Have fun with this fast passed silly game that ends up with everyone laughing.

  • Joy

    Turn off the TV, put your cell phones down and hop on the couch for an evening of Christmas fun! All you need is a bowl and small sheets of paper. Have the family write Christmas items, movies and songs they love on sheets of paper. If you have younger kiddos who can’t read try drawing pictures on the paper so they will still be able to play. Fold up papers and put in bowl.

    Then play charades. The kids will laugh watching Dad reenact Frosty The Snowman! Experience the JOY of being together in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

  • Honor

    Have the family come around the kitchen table. Have a jar or bowl for each person around the table, set in center of table. You can put post-its with each persons name on each jar.

    Then give each family member small strips of paper. Have everyone write one nice thing about each person on a piece of paper then place in that persons jar/bowl.

    After everyone is done, everyone take a jar, not their own.

    Then one at a time read the papers, have the person who is being “Honored” guess who wrote each note. If they guess right they earn one point for every correct guess. Go around the table until everyone has had a turn. The family member with the most points wins!

    You can go around as many times as you like. Kids will love trying to figure out who wrote what and they will feel good hearing what their family members think of them.

  • Courage

    Do you have the courage to play this crazy game?! Conquer fears and laugh until you cry!

    Bean Boozled is a candy game. You can find in most chain stores or specialty candy shops.

    Each box is filled with both delicious and strange flavors. The catch is that you cannot tell what you’re going to get until you eat it! There are both a tasty flavors and a downright strange flavor’s. For example, you’ll never know if you’re going to get caramel corn or moldy cheese; licorice or skunk spray; coconut or baby wipes.

    If you can’t find this candy game, just grab a bag of assorted flavored jelly beans. Have each person gab one from the bag without looking and eat it, then have each person identify what flavor they ate. It might not be as nasty as the Bean Boozled flavors, however someone may still get a flavor they wouldn’t normally eat.

  • Trust

    Using a Jenga Game (or stacking wood block game) stack blocks as instructed. Here’s the twist, when it’s your turn you have to be blindfolded and TRUST the other players to direct you to which block to pick and where to stack it. Then pass the blindfold to the next player. It will take a lot of trust and team work to not knock down the tower. See how high you can build the tower by trusting one another.

  • Obedience

    It’s hard to do what you are asked to do—especially when you hear one thing and see another. Like when your teacher tells the whole class to be quiet and your neighbor keeps talking to you. Or when your brother is playing a video game after you were both asked to clean the playroom.

    This week, practice obeying what you’ve been asked to do no matter what you see by playing this mind-boggling version of Simon Says!

    How To:

    Choose one person to be “Simon”. Simon stands in front of the group and gives out commands such as “jump up and down” or “spin around”, putting the word “Simon Says” in front of any command that should be followed. If Simon doesn’t say “Simon Says”, the command should be ignored. Now, take it to the next level by having each Simon do something different from the command given. For example, when Simon says “Simon says stick out your tongue”, Simon may actually start doing jumping jacks. Whoever follows directions best, without messing up, gets to be the next Simon!

  • Faith, pt. 2

    Pick your family’s favorite board or card game. Begin playing the game, but set a timer for several minutes into the game. When the timer goes off, everyone has to trade places with the person across from them, leaving behind their cards or game pieces for the next person to pick up and play. Resume the game and notice how things change with a new persecutive. Do you each feel like your situation is better after the change? Or worse? Set the timer again and change things up one more time. How did this change affect things?

  • Faith

    Pick your family’s favorite board or card game. Begin playing the game, but set a timer for several minutes into the game. When the timer goes off, everyone has to trade places with the person across from them, leaving behind their cards or game pieces for the next person to pick up and play. Resume the game and notice how things change with a new persecutive. Do you each feel like your situation is better after the change? Or worse? Set the timer again and change things up one more time. How did this change affect things?

  • Contentment

    Do you have a board game or two that you can’t play anymore because you’re missing pieces? Use the pieces you do have to create a whole new game. Each of you takes turns inventing rules for your new game and then all of you play it together.

  • Perseverance

    Ask your kids to imagine what they’ll look like and what they’ll be doing when they become an adult. Now, give them 5 minutes to play dress up in your clothes and act out how they’ll be as an adult. Make sure to record what they say—it could be fun to show someday at their graduation or wedding!

  • Hope

    When times get tough, sometimes hope comes from the people around you. Practice leaning against each other with this game. Two people sit back to back on the floor. Link your arms together and try to both stand up. The only way you’ll be able to do it is if you lean against each other. Switch partners and see who can stand up easily.

  • Cooperation

    Although we can have fun alone, when we cooperate games become even more fun! This month, let each family member pick their favorite game from flag football to Monopoly to Play Station. Then plan one family game night for each family member. And don’t forget to have fun!

  • Self-Control

    Whether its singing the National Anthem or painting perfect polka dots on fingernails, everyone in your family has a talent. Once a week, highlight one family member by asking them what they like to do or what talent they have. Then, and here’s the catch, everyone in the family joins in and does it together—without complaining. How much self-control does it take to sing karaoke with your sister, paint with your mom, and never once complain?

  • Compassion

    Choose someone in your neighborhood who needs a little compassion. Bake cookies. Make an ornament. Decorate a Christmas card. Then drop it at their door and RUN! See how many neighbors can you surprise without getting caught. (We triple dog dare you!)

  • Service

    Imagine your kids becoming people who think of others more than themselves. Interested? At your next family dinner, ask this question: Who do you know that needs a little extra help or attention this month? Then think of one person (a family member, neighbor, friend, classmate, peer, etc.) per family member. But don’t let anyone outside the family know what’s up! You each get a point every time you do something to serve the person you named. Tally your points at the end of the week and see who was the best “Secret Server.”

  • Individuality

    Okay, while we’d never actually encourage dishonesty, this is a super fun game. Host a get together with 3-4 strategically-chosen families to learn what makes each of us different.

    Then have fun taking turns telling two truths and one lie about yourself. See if everyone can guess which one is the lie!

  • Initiative

    For this game, all you need is a few water balloons, a bit of open space outside . . . and some blindfolds. Divide the family into two teams (or set up a target for everyone to hit with the balloons). When everyone’s blindfolded, throw half the water balloons and see if you can hit where you’re aiming. Then take off the blindfolds and try again with your eyes wide open.

    Was it easier to hit your target when you could see it? Initiative is the same way. It’s easier to do what needs to be done when you see the needs around you. So don’t walk around in the dark. Keep your eyes open for ways you can show initiative.

  • Wisdom

    Finding out what you should do is sometimes tricky but it’s always worth it, just like finding someone hiding in the dark can be. This week, take the classic game of hide-and-go-seek to the next level by turning out the lights. Players can use flashlights to look for places to hide, then turn off the flashlights to not be discovered. Whoever is “it” also uses a flashlight to find the hidden players. The last person to be found is “it” for the next round.

  • Conviction, Pt 2

    Let’s do a cup stacking, minute to win it game. Each contestant gets 1 minute to make all the cups “stand up” in a tower and then collapse them all back down.

    What you need:

    42 cups (Red SOLO work well)

    What you do:

    Two players compete per round to each stack 21 cups into a tall tower, and then place them back in a single stack… in under a minute! (Hint: start with six cups on the bottom row of the tower, and each row going up should have one less cup than the row before it.)

    The point of this game was to make your cups stand up in a tower, but then to break them back down too. But when it comes to conviction, we want to keep standing! While you clean up your cup game, talk about the ways you can keep standing strong—at least for longer than a minute!

    Source: http://www.happinessishomemade.net/2015/03/02/awesome-minute-to-win-it-birthday-party-games/

  • Conviction

    Conviction is all about standing strong, and this week you’re going to see who is the strongest at… standing. Find something that can be tricky to balance on—a brick, stepping stone, flat piece of wood, even the curb—and everyone stands on it. Whoever can stand on it the longest, wins. The catch is that after each minute, you must add a challenge: stand on one foot, hold your hands over your head, sing “Happy and You Know It,” touch your toes, etc.

    The last one standing wins the Conviction Challenge Crown. (It’s invisible, but trust us, it’s awesome).

  • Honesty

    If you’ve ever been less than honest, you know how lies can trip you up. One lie can lead to another lie, to another lie… and so on, until you’re tangled up and don’t know how to escape. This week, play the classic game of “Cats Cradle.” While you work on keeping the string untangled, talk about why life is so much better and easier when you’re not tangled up in lies.

    What you need:

    1 long piece of string

    2 people

    1 computer, tablet or smart phone

    Lots of patience

    Follow along a website like this one to see how to play Cat’s Cradle. Take turns so each person in the family gets a chance to play. http://www.ifyoulovetoread.com/book/chten_cats1105.htm