Fun2Do - craft

  • Cooperation

    Paper Mosaics are a fun and beautiful art project you can work together as a family to create. Instead of each family member creating their own mosaic, work together and create one large piece of art!

    What You’ll Need:

    Scratch paper


    White drawing paper


    Construction paper

    Colored foil (optional)

    Wallpaper sample pages (optional)

    Paper cutter (optional)

    Glue stick

    Step 1: Make a sketch of a scene on a piece of scratch paper. Fill the entire piece of paper with the scene (flowers, birds, fish, mountains, sunset, Turkey, Christmas Tree). When you are happy with your sketch, draw it again on the drawing paper.

    Step 2: With scissors or a paper cutter, make 1/2-inch strips of the colored paper, foil and wallpaper samples. Cut the strips into small squares.

    Step 3: Paste the paper onto the objects in your picture, and use the colors you have creatively. An apple, for example, can have many colors: light red, dark red, and red/brown that could be used to show shading.

    Step 4: Place the squares as close together as possible, leaving white paper showing through to look as though the mosaics are embedded in plaster.

    Step 5: When you are done with your picture, mount the finished work on a larger sheet of construction paper for display. And enjoy a job well done together.

  • Contentment

    Flower Power
    Create beautiful flowers with things you already have check your fridge for what you need… an egg cartoon. Remove or eat eggs before you start this contentment craft.

    You’ll Need:

    Egg carton


    paint (colors of your choice)



    Pipe cleaners


    Scrap Paper

    Pom-poms/buttons/beads/rhinestones (size of your choice)

    Take an egg carton and cut off the top half, maybe find a crate or project that you can use the top for (don’t just throw away) Then, separate the individual egg cups and trim the outside edges— whether they’re rounded or pointed is your choice! Create whatever shape you like. Then select a color of paint and coat the cup inside and out, using a pen to create a hole at the base once it’s dried. Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole and bend it before gluing a pom-pom//buttons/beads/rhinestones in the center. Make as many flowers as you want to create a bouquet that’ll last forever.

  • Initiative

    You’ve never made bubbles like this before! These fun bubble wands are easy to make and hours of fun in the back yard.

    What you need:
    Pipe Cleaners
    Bubble Solution
    Tall Tupperware container

    What to do:
    Have fun shaping pipe cleaners into whatever shapes you like, one denominational or three denominational. You may want to start out easy making a round shape, but can mold the pipe cleaners into any shape or abstract figure you like. As long as the shape is closed you will be able to make bubbles.

    Shape Ideas:
    figure eights

  • Wisdom

    Watch as these few simple ingredients becomes amazingly fun slim! Be wise with your money, instead of spending your well earned allowance on expensive slim that doesn’t last long, instead have fun making your own!

    1/2 c. clear glue (or white glue)

    1/2 c. warm water

    1 tsp baking soda

    Contact lens cleaning solution – 4 tbsp. or so, amount depends on the consistency you want

    1. Dump clear glue into a bowl

    2. Heat up water in the microwave, so it is warm (adult should do this)

    3. Add baking soda to your warm water, stir

    4. Mix your baking soda solution in with your glue

    5. Stir well until combined

    6. Add 1 tbsp. of contact solution

    7. Add beads or glitter, add to clear slime

    8. Have a fun with your slim

    Making slim is a whole lot of fun, but it’s also a whole lot of mess. Just know there will be a mess, but it will be so worth the fun!

  • Confidence

    We are creating confidence flowers! Using colored paper cut out one small inch to two inch circle for each person in your family, this will be the center of your flower, write name in the center of the circle and decorate as you like. Then make strips of paper that will serve as petals you will need at least 6 strips per flower, you can make your flower all one color or multiple colors. As a family come up with words that describe each member of the family and write those words on the strips of paper. Glue the ends of the strip of paper to its self, creating a loop like petal. Then glue each petal to the inner circle of that persons flower. Hang flowers on everyone’s bedroom doors or hang on the fridge as a reminder to the whole family of how beautiful and unique your family is.

  • Confidence

    Abstract Painted Tiles

    Sharpies, various colors
    91% Rubbing Alcohol, NOT the 70%
    ceramic tiles (whatever size you want!)
    Small paint brush (you could also use a dropper or a small straw)
    Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating
    eye dropper


    Step 1: Clean and dry tiles.

    Step 2: Color your tile with coordinating Sharpie colors. Make sure to cover the tile with color, as many colors as you’d like in big or small patches.

    Step 3: With your paint brush, or dropper, drop small amounts (about dime size) of the alcohol onto the colored tile. You’ll almost immediately see the alcohol start to blur the colors. After dropping some alcohol on random spots on the tile, stop and look at the tile. Do you see spots that need a droplet? Add one. BUT! Don’t add too much alcohol to the tile. Too alcohol will completely erase the sharpie.

    Step 4: When you are happy with the amount of blurring from the alcohol, you can stop and let the tile dry. OR, you can be a nosy artist and dab at the colors with a paint brush. Or, you can

    Step 5: Once the tiles are dry spray with Acrylic coating. Then enjoy your works of art as a coaster or hang on the wall and display.

  • Honesty

    Get your paper, markers, crayons, glitter, glue and stapler.

    Create a story, characters, setting and how your characters can overcome a problem with honesty. Have the whole family join in writing and illustrating. Don’t forget to create a title and a cover. Once you’ve finished, stack all your papers together in order and staple to create your book. Enjoy reading your story about honesty together at bedtime tonight. This may inspire the whole family to create books about all the virtues we learn about in 252!

  • Patience

    Pull out that salad spinner and give it new life as the vehicle for creating art. You’ll need to wait to see your art with this fun craft.

    #1 Place on paper plate in salad spinner. If you want to cu te paper to be round and fit fill free, paper plates can be an easier option.

    #2 Squeeze a generous amount of paint in your favorite colors in the center of the plate.

    #3 Place the lid on your salad spinner (this can be the hard part, not knowing what your art will look like once you spin it) now give it a good whirl. Open it up to see color magic! If desired add a second batch of one or two colors and spin again.

    #4 Remove plate and let dry.

  • Peace

    The sun is finally coming out (spring is almost here!), it’s time to let the light into the house with lovely colorful stained glass art.

    You’ll need:

    Crayons Pieces (paper pealed off, crushed or grated into small pieces)

    Wax Paper

    Iron and ironing board

    Poster board to protect your ironing board

    Once you get your supplies together, fold poster board in half, cut wax paper to be twice the size of the art you want to create, then fold wax paper in half inside poster board. Arrange crayon pieces on wax paper the way you’d like, have fun picking rainbow colors, make patterns or choose to use one color scheme. Fold wax paper over then fold poster board over. You should have a poster board, wax paper crayon taco. (Adult should use an iron) Using an iron on medium/high heat iron the poster board, take your time the crayons will melt, no need to push too hard. Once crayons are melted, let cool. Then have fun cutting wax paper into shapes or hang as is in a window. Enjoy the colorful peaceful light that your artwork created in your home.

  • Kindness

    Get a calendar from the dollar store, print out a calendar from the internet or just get a blank piece of paper and draw a calendar on it. Brain storm as a family one kind thing you can do each day, write the act of kindness on each blank square of the calendar. It might seem difficult to come up with 28 acts of kindness, however once you get started you may have too many and might have to spill into next month! Color, decorate and then hang you Kindness calendar somewhere everyone in the family can see. Commit to preforming one act each day.

    Ideas to get you started:
    Bring a snack to share with a friendship
    Make cookies for the trash-man
    Write a thank you note to your teacher
    Wash a friend’s car
    Deliver a meal to a friend who is sick/in need
    Bring flowers to a retirement homemade
    Spend the afternoon with grandparents
    Donate can goods to a food pantry
    Donate toys to a foster care organization
    Bring socks and blankets to a shelter
    Write a nice note to a friend and hide it in the locker/backpack
    Compliment someone
    Make someone smile

  • Commitment

    Look around your home and come up with a family project or craft for the home to complete together. Depending on the age of your children and how many family members you have will determine the project. Maybe the fence needs painting, the garage needs organizing, curtains need to be made, shelves/drawers need lining, a bedroom wall needs painting (maybe a mural!), start a garden or maybe a piece of furniture needs to be freshened up. It may be hard work, however making a plan and committing to finishing it as a family is worth it.

  • Generosity

    Pull out that basket of pinecones you have in your garage or go collect some for this fun generosity craft project. Create beautiful ornaments using glitter, paint, glue, sequins, pom pom etc. Using your pinecone ornaments decorate a tree in your yard or set up an artificial tree. Place a sign on the tree that says “The Giving Tree, please take one”. As the ornaments disappear create some more and enjoy this season of giving.

  • Gratitude

    Collect leaves or cut leaves out of paper, have enough leaves for each person in your family to have ten leaves. Each family member should write who they are thankful for on each leaf that you collected or made. As a family find a place in your home to put up a Grateful Tree filled with the leaves of the people you are all grateful for. Throughout the month take time to pray for someone on the Grateful Tree and maybe even choose a few people you can do something special for to show them you are grateful they have helped you in your life.

  • Stewardship

    We all have a jar or drawer full of old broken crayons, instead of purchasing another new box of crayons why not repurpose those old broken ones? Gather up all your broken pieces of crayon, group similar color groups together (unless you want to make rainbow crayons), remove any paper and place into cupcake pans. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool off in a freezer until crayons are solid, then pop out of pan. Enjoy your new crayons. Create some master pieces for a loved one.

  • Friendship

    Collect or find several smooth rocks to decorate. Using paint, gel pens or markers, create beautiful designs on each rock. Write words of encouragement or sayings on them as well. Then put them in a bowl near the front door and when friends come to visit let them take a special rock home with them to remember how much you care for them.

  • Respect

    As a family, come up with ways you can be respectful to each other and come up with a list of at least ten ways you can build respect in your home. Some ideas to get you started:

    We use a respectful tone in our voices when speaking to each other.
    We knock before entering someone’s room.
    We say Thank You when someone has helped us.
    We listen when others are talking.
    We take good care of our home and the things in it.

    Once you have a list make a poster, canvas or frame with those Respect Rules. Work together as a family on this process, use: fabric, paint, glitter, markers, etc. Make something you are all proud to have in your home. Hang your art some place everyone will see and be reminded of how important it is to show others respect by what we say and do.

  • Uniqueness

    Create a unique glitter bottle that will keep your kids busy for hours as the glitter rises up, instead of falling down.

    Supplies: Plastic Bottle with label removed (straight up and down, smooth bottles with no ridges are best), Baby oil, Silver/Gold glitter, purple & blue liquid food coloring, water and super glue.

    Fill water bottle half way with baby oil. Pour glitter into bottle about a tablespoon, add more if you’d like. Mix together water and food coloring in a measuring cup, until you achieve the color you like, I like it darker, you may like it lighter. Add colored water to bottle, leaving ¾ mouth of the bottle empty. You need a little air in the bottle in order for the mixture to move around. Super glue the cap on the bottle. Then give it a good
    shake, then enjoy the unique sparkle show inside the bottle.

  • Creativity

    Create these fun silly spinners that hum when they spin! You probably even have everything to make them already in your house.

    Supplies: Twine, cardboard cut into 4 inch circles, paper cut into 4 inch circles, markers, scissors and glue sticks.

    Instructions: decorate paper circles with fun designs, like circles, strips, stars, dots etc. Glue colored paper to card board circle. Poke two holes right in the center of the cardboard circle all the way through. Take a piece of twin about 28 inches long, run the twine through holes and tie a knot to join the ends of twin together.

    Now to spin! Take a piece of rope in each hand with the circle in the middle and twirl to get the rope twisted like a coil. Then pull and relax the twisted twin, once you get it going you should hear it hum! And watch your creative designs as the spin!

  • {monthTitle}

    Find unused notebooks in your home or grab a few at the dollar store. Using scrap paper, glue, glitter, markers, ribbon or any other craft supplies you have on hand and decorate the notebooks. As a family write in your own Determination Diaries, set goals for the year and set aside time each month to remember what goals you each have and talk about ways to accomplish those goals. Once you’ve hit a goal set another one! Be determined as a family to accomplish those goals together!

  • {monthTitle}

    Drawing blindfolded can be humbling, however this will be the funniest craft project you’ve ever done as a family.

    What you will need:

    Time (phone might be best)
    List of random words: Cat, House, Boat, Tree, Car, Hat, Earth, Star, Ice Cream Cone, Flower, Chair, Mickey Mouse, Pineapple, Spider, etc.

    Each family member gets a piece of paper, marker, and a blindfold. Decide on a time limit as a family and pick a word from the list. Everyone will draw the same “word”. Put blindfold on and start timer and have fun drawing! As a family choose a winner for each round. Have Fun!

  • Forgiveness

    It’s always fun to create and craft. However we tend to have a lot of left over pieces of paper, scraps of fabric, mismatched beads and stickers. Don’t throw them away, give them a second chance. Get all those left overs together and create a collage, giving those craft pieces a second chance at being beautiful. You can create a stained glass type collage, use scraps to create a flower or tree, or just be creative and create an abstract collage. Place your work of art on the wall or fridge and tell friends or house guests about your forgiveness collage and how you gave these random craft pieces a second chance and how we should forgive others and give them a second chance as well.

  • Love

    Love is treating someone the way you’d want to be treated. Treat someone to a bag of love! Using paper lunch bags (colored ones are fun!), decorate the outside with loving words, stickers, beautiful art and some sparkle. Then fill the inside with love notes, baked goods, and maybe some homemade chocolate truffles (see recipe above). As a family deliver these bags of love to family, friends, teachers, postal workers or someone who needs a little extra love this month.

  • Knowledge

    It’s time to make art with words. Using newspapers and magazines, cute out words that describe you or things you love. Use glue, paint, glitter, crayons or any art supplies you have on hand to create colleges. Display your art on the fridge and let every family member explain why they picked their words and what they created out of them.

    It’s fun to use different mediums to create are and also learn knew things about each member of your family.

  • Joy

    We all have a puzzle that’s missing pieces, instead of throwing it away use it to make Christmas ornaments! Or grab a puzzle at a yard sale/thrift shop for next to nothing.

    Spray paint puzzle pieces white, add some glitter if you want some sparkle. Then glue together in the shape of a snowflake. Add ribbon for hanging. Easy way to use something that would have otherwise been thrown away.

    These make for fun and easy Christmas gifts for teachers or family members.

  • Honor

    Take the time to cut, glue, glitter, sticker, paint, draw a card for someone your child would like to honor. Help your kids write on the inside, thanking someone for what they’ve done for them. Everyone has paper and pits of crafts to make an Honor Card for someone special.

    You can attach your honor card to some bake goods and deliver them to someone to show them how much you honor them.