• Game : Unwrap Fun

    Who doesn’t love unwrapping presents on Christmas morning? Get some real practice in as you play this silly game called Unwrap the Candy Ball. First you’ll need at least 50 pieces of your families favorite fun size candy bars, a roll of plastic wrap and a set of dice. Start with a ball or any round object that will not break. Now, start wrapping the ball with plastic wrap. Then, place a piece of candy, then wrap with few layers again. Repeat until it’s larger than a basketball!

    Once your candy ball is full and wrapped, it’s time to play! Have the oldest family member be the one to start with the ball. He or she will now start to unwrap the ball. While the first player is unwrapping the ball, the player on the left will have to roll 2 dice as fast as possible to get doubles. While the person on the left is rolling the dice, the player holding the ball can rip as many layers as they can until a treat comes out, whatever candy falls out on your turn you keep. Once the player on the left rolls doubles, he or she will now be the one to unwrap the ball! Repeat the process until there’s nothing left in the ball! If you want to make the game even more challenging, add in oven mitts, and have whoever is unwrapping the candy ball wear them, taking this family game night to the next level.

  • Outing : Wrap Up Compassion

    As a family choose a child from a local Giving Tree, Angel Tree or Project Christmas Child. Have everyone pitch in money to buy Christmas gifts for this under-resourced child. Head out to the store and make a day out of it. Let everyone personally choose something, when you get home make Christmas cards, write notes of love and encouragement and then wrap the gift in the most beautiful way possible. Talk about how it is always better to give, then receive. And come up with other ways you as a family can show compassion for others this Christmas season.

  • Recipe : Christmas Wraps

    These easy to assemble snacks are perfect for making for company or to eat while watching your favorite holiday movie. You don’t have to turn on the stove for this simple recipe and every family member can help!


    2 packages cream cheese, softened

    1 package ranch dressing mix

    ½ cup parmigiana cheese

    ground black pepper

    5 flour tortillas

    1 jar of pimentos, drained

    2 green onions, sliced

    Mix the cream cheese, ranch dressing mix, black pepper and parmigiana cheese together thoroughly. Spread the mixture on the tortillas, and then sprinkle over the drained pimentos and green onions. Roll up tightly, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until party time (for at least 1 hour).Slice into small wheels and enjoy.

  • Craft : Wrapping Paper Trees

    We all have the closet full of wrapping paper or small left over scraps from wrapping all those Christmas presents. This easy holiday craft will give new purpose to those scraps and create something cheerful for your home or to give to someone you love. You can easily make a bunch of these in a short amount of time, so be sure to make some extra tree to give as gifts.


    Assorted wrapping paper, 6 to 8 patterns cut into 20 5” x 8” rectangles


    heavy cardboard, poster board or card-stock

    Pen or Pencil




    It’s time to roll! Take a rectangle and turn the nice side down, so the back of the paper is facing up. Make the orientation a landscape (top and bottom are longer than the sides.) Lightly glue the top half of the back of the paper, and then carefully roll up the paper into a 1/2” tube. For a tighter and more uniform look, wrap the paper around a pen or pencil, sliding it out as the paper becomes held by the glue.

    When all your wrapping paper rolls are finished, lay them side by side on the construction paper in your preferred pattern. Then take the scissors and start to trim the rolls, making each one slightly shorter than the last, to form the shape of the tree.

    Glue the rolls in place, then add buttons or other decorations. For a star, you can cut a shape from wrapping paper and place a button in the center, or get creative with a bottle cap, etc. Take one of the ends that were trimmed, flatten and glue it to the bottom to make the trunk.

    Enjoy your work of art! You can display this in your holiday décor or make into a card to give to a loved one. Whatever you choose, you will have the sweetest Christmas tree to enjoy.