• Game : Playing Wisely

    Is there a better way to learning about taking care of what you have, then to play a game of Monopoly!? Set aside a weekend afternoon, pop some popcorn and enjoy the game. When dividing up money for each player remember to talk about taking good care of what you are given and thinking hard before spending it in the game. Talk about making wise choices in buying property and such. There’s so many opportunities to talk about stewardship and to set the example while playing Monopoly, if you actually finish the game you’ll family will be the real winner.

  • Outing : Giving Wisely

    As a family take some time to think of a specific need locally or globally and brain storm a way to use YOUR resources (what God has given you) to help meet that need. Then as a family choose what would be the best way to help, then begin working together to meet the need. Suggestions: Go through clothing to donate to homeless shelter, clear out pantry and donate can goods to a soup kitchen, bake cookies and visit a retirement home, make a meal and bring it to someone who’s experiencing a hardship, have a bake sale/lemonade stand and donate the money to Hurricane Relief in TX/FL. It’s important that you work together as a family to choose what you will do and to use YOUR resources to meet a need to make someone’s life better.

  • Recipe : Cooking Wisely

    Let’s have some fun and get creative with what we already have in our kitchen, instead of going out for dinner or shopping for a specific recipe. As a family choose to make dinner from ingredients you already have in the refrigerator and pantry. You’ll be amazed at what you can make! If you’re stumped there are lots of websites that you can plug in what you have and they will give you recipe ideas:

  • Craft : Create Wisely

    We all have a jar or drawer full of old broken crayons, instead of purchasing another new box of crayons why not repurpose those old broken ones? Gather up all your broken pieces of crayon, group similar color groups together (unless you want to make rainbow crayons), remove any paper and place into cupcake pans. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool off in a freezer until crayons are solid, then pop out of pan. Enjoy your new crayons. Create some master pieces for a loved one.