• Game : Meant to Play

    Pull out those board games, pop some popcorn and have a game night! As we talk about individuality, why not play the game of Life? We are all different and have different paths to follow in our life, so why not have fun, with a game that celebrates all the different roads we can take in our lives. Hit the road for a roller-coaster life of adventure, family, and unexpected surprises! Want to take the family path, start a career, or venture down a risky road? In this game, players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life. Move the car token around the game board from Start to Retirement, and experience unexpected surprises related to family, career, and other milestones of life. You’ll have so much fun together as a family!

  • Outing : Meant to Explore

    We are all different, some of us are as different as night and day. Explore the night as a family with a full moon night hike! Connect with nature in a new way by taking a guided night hike. Contact your local Audubon Society or nature center about hikes in your area. The same trail, mountains, trees and animals during the day becomes a completely different experience at night when the stars come out. Open your eyes to a whole new world, open your ears to hear the calls of wildlife, engage all of your senses, check out constellations and discover planets in the night sky. Bring along some wintergreen Life Savers, chew them with an open mouth, and watch as you create flashes of light! This sparkly phenomenon, known as triboluminescence, can only be seen in the dark.

  • Recipe : Meant to Cook

    Making something to eat exactly how YOU want it is the best. Tonight let’s celebrate everyones individuality by having an ice cream sundae bar! Get multiple flavors of ice cream, a verities of toppings, sauces and of course whipped cream to make the most epic ice cream sundae. The skies the limit. Everyone gets to make it their way. As you enjoy your tasty frozen treat, go around the table and tell everyone how you made your sundae and why you love it so much.

    Ice Cream:

    Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Sherbet, Cookies & Cream…

    Toppings: sprinkles, crushed up cookies, candies, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, chopped nuts, and whipped cream.

    Sauces: Hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow fluff, strawberry sauce, butterscotch sauce…

    Fresh toppings: strawberries, cherries, pineapple, banana, coconut, blue berries, raspberries…

  • Craft : Meant to Create

    It’s time to Tie Dye! Grab a tie dye kit from your local craft store and a few white shirts and have fun designing your one of a kind fashion statement. Make sure to work outside, this WILL get messy. Wear clothes that you don’t mind if they get dye on them, be sure to have gloves for everyone and cover your work area with trash bags, tarp or plastic table clothes. Be sure to follow ALL package instructions on your dye kit. And have fun creating! Also be sure to plan a family day to all wear your individual creations together.