• Game : It’s Show Time

    Put away the board games, let’s try something new and throw a Family Talent Show night. Invite the grandparents or maybe a few friends and have everyone sign up to show off their talents. Make a special area for a “stage” in the back yard, in front of the fireplace or on the front porch. Pop popcorn for the audience and enjoy a night of fun seeing everyone’s God given talents (singing, jump roping, magic, dancing, juggling, yodeling etc.).

  • Outing : It’s Gardening Time

    Build confidence with giving your kids responsibility. Head out to your favorite gardening center and let your kids pick out vegetables or herbs they want to grow. Spend the day outside planting a garden, they will learn confidence when their hard work reaps real food! Make a responsibility chart with a list of things to do to care for the plants ie: water, pull weeds, remove dead leaves and steams etc. Remember to celebrate each step of the way, when you see new growth, a flower bloom, the first sign of real vegetable. Then enjoy using your garden fresh veggies and what your kid’s confidence grow.

  • Recipe : It’s Cooking Time

    Kids love being in the kitchen and of course taste testing all the food. Now it’s time for them to be in charge and confidently serve YOU a meal. This easy recipe doesn’t even involve turning on the stove. If your kiddos can make a sandwich, they can make this fun spin on one!

  • Craft : It’s Creative Time!

    Abstract Painted Tiles

    Sharpies, various colors
    91% Rubbing Alcohol, NOT the 70%
    ceramic tiles (whatever size you want!)
    Small paint brush (you could also use a dropper or a small straw)
    Krylon UV Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating
    eye dropper


    Step 1: Clean and dry tiles.

    Step 2: Color your tile with coordinating Sharpie colors. Make sure to cover the tile with color, as many colors as you’d like in big or small patches.

    Step 3: With your paint brush, or dropper, drop small amounts (about dime size) of the alcohol onto the colored tile. You’ll almost immediately see the alcohol start to blur the colors. After dropping some alcohol on random spots on the tile, stop and look at the tile. Do you see spots that need a droplet? Add one. BUT! Don’t add too much alcohol to the tile. Too alcohol will completely erase the sharpie.

    Step 4: When you are happy with the amount of blurring from the alcohol, you can stop and let the tile dry. OR, you can be a nosy artist and dab at the colors with a paint brush. Or, you can

    Step 5: Once the tiles are dry spray with Acrylic coating. Then enjoy your works of art as a coaster or hang on the wall and display.