• Game : Creative Twister

    The weather is warming up it’s time to get outside and play! Grab a Twister Game or make your own! It’s always more fun to make your own, using chalk on the ground or Spray chalk on the grass create a twister board and then download a free Twister spinner app from the app store. Then have fun outside laughing and getting twisted up together.

  • Outing : Creative Family Date Night

    It’s time to get creative with your typical family night/day out. Shake it up and start with dessert! Go out and get ice cream, a Slurpee or get a treat at a bakery first thing. Talk about how fun it is to start your outing off with dessert instead of ending with one. Then go to the movies or play at a park for a while and finish off your outing with a meal out. Maybe try ordering breakfast for dinner! Just shake it up and do things differently from how you usually do. Talk about how everyone felt about getting creative with the order of how you did things as a family today, maybe the kids will suggest always starting out the day with dessert!

  • Recipe : Creative Cookies

    What if you could combine two delicious cookies into one incredible cookie?! These easy, no mess cookies are fun for any age to make.

    1 box of Oreo cookies
    1 tube of chocolate chip cookie dough

    Pre Heat oven to 350 degrees. Slice cookie dough about a half an inch thick slices, using your fingers flatten dough then wrap dough around one Oreo cookie. Be sure to completely seal the dough around the cookie. Repeat until you have 24 wrapped cookies. Bake for 11 to 15 minutes and until golden brown. Let cool for 5 minutes and enjoy your Creative Cookies.

  • Craft : Creative Spinners

    Create these fun silly spinners that hum when they spin! You probably even have everything to make them already in your house.

    Supplies: Twine, cardboard cut into 4 inch circles, paper cut into 4 inch circles, markers, scissors and glue sticks.

    Instructions: decorate paper circles with fun designs, like circles, strips, stars, dots etc. Glue colored paper to card board circle. Poke two holes right in the center of the cardboard circle all the way through. Take a piece of twin about 28 inches long, run the twine through holes and tie a knot to join the ends of twin together.

    Now to spin! Take a piece of rope in each hand with the circle in the middle and twirl to get the rope twisted like a coil. Then pull and relax the twisted twin, once you get it going you should hear it hum! And watch your creative designs as the spin!