• Game : Kindness Charades

    Give each family member several pieces of paper, each person must write down several acts of kindness, one on each piece of paper. Throw everyone papers into a hat or bowl. Pick one person to go first, they must pick a paper and without talking must act out the act of kindness. They have one minute to get the group to guess as many acts of kindness as possible. Once the minute is up add up how many they were able to get the group to guess and that’s how many points that person gets. Keep playing rotating players. The family member with the most points wins! If acting isn’t your families forte, you can easily adapt this game to be Kindness Pictionary. You just have each person drawn on a white board or large paper instead of acting it out.

    Ideas for Acts of Kindness:
    Mowing the lawn
    Cooking a meal
    Picking up trash
    Helping someone cross the street
    Carrying groceries for someone
    Praying for someone

  • Outing : Give Kindness

    It’s time to be kind as a family. Look up a local, animal shelter and find out if they need volunteers for a day, have fun walking/playing with dogs who need some extra love. Or find out if they need food, blankets or toys for the animals in the shelter, collect those things from friends, hit a thrift store to get blankets etc. Spend time as a family giving back to those who can’t give you anything in return. And you never know, maybe you’ll end up with a new four legged family member!

  • Recipe : Be Kind Snack

    Enjoy this simple and easy snack that is still kind to your body.

    Chocolate Raspberry Snack
    1 box of fresh raspberries
    ¼ cup semi sweet/dark chocolate chips
    ¼ cup walnuts pieces

    Place one chocolate chip or walnut piece into the inside of a raspberry, repeat. So easy the kids can completely handle making this snack!

  • Craft : Kindness Calendar

    Get a calendar from the dollar store, print out a calendar from the internet or just get a blank piece of paper and draw a calendar on it. Brain storm as a family one kind thing you can do each day, write the act of kindness on each blank square of the calendar. It might seem difficult to come up with 28 acts of kindness, however once you get started you may have too many and might have to spill into next month! Color, decorate and then hang you Kindness calendar somewhere everyone in the family can see. Commit to preforming one act each day.

    Ideas to get you started:
    Bring a snack to share with a friendship
    Make cookies for the trash-man
    Write a thank you note to your teacher
    Wash a friend’s car
    Deliver a meal to a friend who is sick/in need
    Bring flowers to a retirement homemade
    Spend the afternoon with grandparents
    Donate can goods to a food pantry
    Donate toys to a foster care organization
    Bring socks and blankets to a shelter
    Write a nice note to a friend and hide it in the locker/backpack
    Compliment someone
    Make someone smile