• Game : Discover Your Family Game

    Play a fun game of “Guess Who?”. Get the family around the kitchen table (The more family members the better, invite grandparent over) with a stack of index cards, dice, 1 minute timer and pens. Decide who gets to be the “Judge” first by rolling the dice, highest wins, then the game play will go clockwise from the highest roller. Everyone else gets an index card and a pen, they will have one minute to write down something unique about themselves. Something like: I love candy, I don’t eat broccoli, my favorite color is purple, I sing in the shower, I love Christmas. Once the time is up pass the cards to someone who is not the “Judge” and read them out load. Once all the cards have been read the “Judge” has one minute to guess who went with each card. If the judge is right they get one point per right answer. Now it’s the next “Judges” turn, and you give out new cards and write down something different. First to 20 points wins. You’ll find out how unique family really is.

  • Outing : Discover the Difference You Can Make

    Pick a day for your Difference Making Outing, jump in the car as a family and start driving. You can’t come home until you complete three random acts of kindness, to make a unique difference in your community.

    Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas: Giving quarters to people at laundry mats, bringing all the carts in a parking lot to the store, pick up trash at a park, bring a meal to a fire station, pay for someone’s coffee or meal behind you at a drive through, give a postal worker a cold drink, bring flowers to a retirement home, bring in someone you know trash cans, donate clothes, deliver donuts/cupcakes to a friend who needs a pick me up, leave a generous tip, bring dog/cat food to a local shelter, and anything else you and your family can think of.

  • Recipe : Discover Nacho Bar

    Discover how unique each of your family members are by building your own nachos. Head to the store and get everything you need for nachos. Set up all your nacho toppings and let each family member create their own unique nacho bowl. Compare bowls, who’s are similar and who’s are different. Talk about how each person’s bowl reflects that family member’s personality.

    Topping Ideas:
    Taco meat, Shredded rotisserie chicken, Nacho cheese, Shredded cheese, Green chilies, Green onions, Chopped onions, Cilantro, Sliced olives, Tomatoes, Bell peppers, Jalapeños, Salsa (sweet, mild, hot), black beans, Shredded lettuce, Sour Cream. Different types of chips: blue corn, corn, Fritos, Ruffles, Doritos

  • Craft : Discovery Glitter Bottles

    Create a unique glitter bottle that will keep your kids busy for hours as the glitter rises up, instead of falling down.

    Supplies: Plastic Bottle with label removed (straight up and down, smooth bottles with no ridges are best), Baby oil, Silver/Gold glitter, purple & blue liquid food coloring, water and super glue.

    Fill water bottle half way with baby oil. Pour glitter into bottle about a tablespoon, add more if you’d like. Mix together water and food coloring in a measuring cup, until you achieve the color you like, I like it darker, you may like it lighter. Add colored water to bottle, leaving ¾ mouth of the bottle empty. You need a little air in the bottle in order for the mixture to move around. Super glue the cap on the bottle. Then give it a good
    shake, then enjoy the unique sparkle show inside the bottle.