• Game : Play More

    Being busy can steal our contentment. We fall into the trap of needing to do more, have more and get more. Slow down as a family and enjoy what you have, it’s time to just stay home. Turn a week night into a Fun Night! Don’t wait for the weekend to have fun as a family. No need to go out and spend money or get things you don’t need. Pull out your favorite board game and enjoy a night in. Or pull out the football/baseball and play a game in the back yard. Enjoy what you have and turn this into a weekly/monthly family event.

  • Outing : Give More

    The holiday season is around the corner and instead of making a list of all the things we want, let’s find things we can give away. It’s time to clear out those closets and pull out the things that you no longer use or don’t need anymore. Make sure parents are clearing out stuff too!

    As a family take the toys, clothes and maybe even canned goods to a local shelter, group home, soup kitchen or local charity. Make time to serve together there as well. Serve a meal, help sort clothes/toys in a foster care closet, offer to stock shelves at a food bank or help in any way you can there together

  • Recipe : Cook More

    Clean out the fridge Pasta!
    You probably have all you need; Any style of pasta, a protein (can be left over), veggies and seasonings. That’s all you’ll need. Enjoy making dinner together with what you already have.

    Get a pot of water heated up, once at a boil pour pasta in and add salt. While the pasta boils to package instructions, heat up a large skillet add olive oil, butter or vegetable oil. Then add chopped vegetables and cook until tender, add in your protein of choice cut into bite size pieces. Once pasta is cooked, before straining pasta water reserve two cups of pasta water. Drain pasta. Toss pasta in skillet with veggies and protein. Pour half of the reserved pasta water over pasta and add seasonings. Depending on how you like your pasta add more water to make it more saucy or less if you want it more dry.

    Sit down as a family and enjoy a meal made from food you already had, you may be surprised by your delectable creation. Talk about how you can do this more in your lives. Think of more ways you can take what you already have and enjoy it.

  • Craft : Make More

    Flower Power
    Create beautiful flowers with things you already have check your fridge for what you need… an egg cartoon. Remove or eat eggs before you start this contentment craft.

    You’ll Need:

    Egg carton


    paint (colors of your choice)



    Pipe cleaners


    Scrap Paper

    Pom-poms/buttons/beads/rhinestones (size of your choice)

    Take an egg carton and cut off the top half, maybe find a crate or project that you can use the top for (don’t just throw away) Then, separate the individual egg cups and trim the outside edges— whether they’re rounded or pointed is your choice! Create whatever shape you like. Then select a color of paint and coat the cup inside and out, using a pen to create a hole at the base once it’s dried. Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole and bend it before gluing a pom-pom//buttons/beads/rhinestones in the center. Make as many flowers as you want to create a bouquet that’ll last forever.